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KRMF706ESS01 KitchenAid Refrigerator - Display panel problems

Sep 19, 2020
Model Number
1-5 years
all the sudden the frig started having multiple problems. and the problems alternate.
door alarm when door is closed.
When fridge door is opened sometimes the lights are off.
Ice and water dispenser not working.
water dispenser now will only dispense 1 oz of water then shut off. timer set for 8 OZ
I believe the ice maker my be intermittently not working. seems as ice production is even lower then the norm.
Freezer and fridge are maintaining correct temps

There is a service bulletin about this problem, it says to check your deli door user interface board for spillage underneath it, thus shorting it out and causing the door ajar beep and erratic dispenser operation/ice maker problem.

Erratic dispenser and/or ice maker operation
Deli Control display changes
Door ajar light and/or beep won’t turn off
Erratic User Interface operation

Here it is for your model:
User Control and Display Board WPW10769076

Its in-stock here: WPW10769076

There is a video in the part link that shows you how to remove it to check for spillage underneath it, ALSO remove the wires that go to it and see if all those problems go away.

Let us know what you find.

Hi Jake,
The above was very helpful for me to find the problem with my refrigerator. When I disconnected the deli interface board, the problems as described above went away. However, the water in the cavity not only corroded the interface board, it corroded the connectors. What is the solution to this? I know I will need to buy a new deli interface board, how about the connectors?
Thanks for letting us know.(y)

Do you have you have the exact model number KRMF706ESS01?

Here's the in-stock wire harness to the deli interface board for model number KRMF706ESS01: W11170612

Here's the in-stock deli interface board for model number KRMF706ESS01: WPW10769076

Do you have you have the exact model number KRMF706ESS01?

Yes, that is the correct model #.
it is the connectors inside the drawer front that is corroded. Not the harness that runs from the door to the drawer.


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Oh Ok, I don't see that wire harness in the parts diagram, so I'm not sure what you can use to fix that, unless you solder the wires together and cut that connector out.

Thanks Jake. I really appreciate your responsiveness. Fortunately, the display is not critical for function and without it, the main display works. This is a problem KitchenAid/Whirlpool needs to address. If the compartment get filled with water, the board and connectors are affected. This happen to my refrigerator because of a power outage and the ice melted and seeped into that compartment.
Yes, I agree, they need to address that problem.


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