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KSC23C8EYY02 Kitchenaid Freezer Not Cooling. Refrigerator portion works fine


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Aug 11, 2020
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6-10 years
I have a Kitchenaid KSC23C8EYY02 that is cooling RC with no issues. FC is not getting cold at all. Doesn't get below ~ 50 degrees. This is a dual evap system so I am suspecting a bad thermistor in the FC but wanted to confirm with the diagnostic mode. Refrigerator is approx 7 years old.

Steps I have tried already:
Disconnected refrigerator and emptied all items
Cleaned out coils underneath unit
Cleaned out back of unit
Verified compressor is not running too hot
Checked FC evap coils, no icing at coils, line are cold and evap motor is running

Does anyone have instructions for this refrigerator to get into diagnostic mode so I can check thermistor in FC. Or is there anything else I should check?

Thanks in advance.
I believe I was able to get into Diagnostics mode by following instructions on another unit I found online. I entered diag mode by pressing SW1 and SW2 for 3 seconds then went to test 01 and I received a result of 01. So I believe my FC thermistor is working properly which leads me to believe the sealed system may be failing.

Does anyone else concur?

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

Yes, if the Freezer thermistor is good, then you have a sealed system problem if you are not getting a normal frost pattern on the freezer evaporator coil.

Frost Patterns.jpg



  • Service and Wiring Sheet - W10287673 - Rev D.pdf
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Thank you very much for the diagram and frost pattern pictures. These were very helpful. It seems as though I have sealed system issue. I'm thinking this is a refrigerant loss issue so I can contact KitchenAid and check about the sealed system warranty. I know they don't cover labor which would make this cost prohibitive.

What are your thoughts on adding a bullet piercing valve and adding 134 to the unit? If it's a slow leak,I may be able to get a few years out of it before another recharge is necessary.

This only would make sense if KitchenAid comes back with a crazy estimate which I'm anticipating.
You can try, but that will void the sealed system warranty.

If that doesn't fix it, now your looking at buying a new refrigerator vs the cost of having to pay labor for the sealed system repair under warranty.

But it would be too late by then, because one you add the bullet piercing valve your warranty is void. You see what I mean?

Absolutely I get what you mean. Spoke with KitchenAid today and they are sending one of their techs to evaluate the issue. I expect them to say it is a sealed issue but will only cover parts and not labor.

At that point ill make a determination if I go ahead and add a BPV to add refrigerant to the unit.

I really appreciate your help.
Ok, sounds like a plan.:)

So tech came out and diagnosed the unit with a leaking evap within the refrigerator cabinet which said is not fixable. He told me since the unit was still under the sealed parts warranty it would be replaced by KitchenAid and to wait for a call from them. I was excited to get a new fridge but when they called and offered the newer version of this fridge for $1700. Not interested in doing that at this point as it was a secondary fridge anyway. The issue I have now is once the tech left the refrigerator portion stopped cooling as well. Previously it was just the freezer that wasn't working.

I'd like to use it as a garage fridge only if possible. Any ideas on what to check out?
If its still under the sealed system warranty, THEY HAVE TO GIVE YOU A NEW REFRIGERATOR FOR FREE, if they can't fix it.

Contact KitchenAid again and ask to speak to the supervisor and they will give you a new refrigerator for FREE.

Interesting, when I spoke to the rep she mentioned I was getting a 40% discount off MSRP as a pro-rated credit. She did not mention anything about it for free. Maybe I need to press them a bit more. Is there something specific I need to say to trigger the free replacement? I'll definitely give it a shot. Thank you for the info.
Is there something specific I need to say to trigger the free replacement?
Yes, its still under the sealed system warranty.

Maybe they don't give Free refrigerators ANYMORE if they are over a certain age. 40% OFF is not bad.:)

It's a 2012, I put in another call to then yesterday. They will review and call me back. I'm not holding my breath but let's see what happens.

That 40% off is off MSRP so the prices are slightly cheaper than the big box stores.
Ok, sounds good.

Keep us posted.

Update. Spoke with executive care team and they offered a brand new KitchenAid similar model ($3100 MSRP) to us for $500! We were pretty happy about that and are waiting for delivery any day now. They are also picking up the old refrigerator and disposing of it.

Thanks for the update!

Your welcome!


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