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KSC24C8EYY04 KitchenAid Side by Side Refrigerator - dual evap model odd cooling issues and behavior


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May 13, 2023
San Francisco Bay Area
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6-10 years
Hello and thank you for this valuable resource and all the advice given.

Bottom Line up front - I think I should replace the "main" board on my 2015 KitchenAid fridge/freezer, though I'm not sure which to buy...below are details, other suggestions appreciated.

My KitchenAid fridge has been driving me nuts for almost a year now.

ICE MAKER JAMMED: First, the icemaker kept getting jammed while ejecting the ice. I replaced it about 8-9 months ago and the new one was working well.

FRIDGE NOT COOLING RELIABLY: Then about 3 months after ice maker replacement, found contents of fridge not cold. Research here....Used on-board testing procedures...all appear to pass. Replaced fridge thermistor (cheap, easy so why not), installed snuggly and made sure correct location as per docs found here. Cooling improved for a short while, but would often find the fridge at 50F some days...and at 35F other days. Fridge circulator fan passes test, but seems to not blow very hard. Replaced fan (cheap easy so why not). No change in fan performance after replacement. Observed standing water under fridge evap coils every time I've taken the cover off during all this.

Cleaned coils under fridge as well.

So no real change from fan, thermistor or cleaning, but after a few days, the fridge seemed relatively stable so long as I don't turn the temp down below the "recommended" temp on the control panel. If I turn temp down more, seems as though evap coils freeze which shuts down cooling to allow to thaw (I assume) and then temps creep back to 40F-50F range. This has been the case now

MAX COOL and MAX ICE features do not work. If I turn them on nothing happens.

FREEZER NOT COLD ENOUGH and NO MORE ICE: Now in last month, freezer will maintain 20-30F keeping most thinks frozen, but not cool enough to reliably freeze unfrozen foods within 12-18 hours. Like the fridge, freezer evap fan seems to only operate at low speeds. If I put store bought ice in the ice dispenser bucket, the ice will stay frozen...but ice maker will not make ice but for once or twice every 2-3 days!

Based on my totally unexperienced guess, I 'think' that because the control board is only operating the fridge and freezer fans at their lowest speeds, that both coils will start to freeze triggering defrost modes too frequently and causing the anemic cooling performance on both sides.

Hi, Before you replace the control board: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Control-Board/WPW10708285/4449313

Its best to check your freezer evaporator coil first, you may have a sealed system problem and a new control board will not fix that.

Remove the back panel inside the freezer and check your evaporator coil first.

The normal frost pattern is a thin layer of frost on all the coils from top to bottom.

Look at the very bottom photo below where it says NORMAL FROST PATTERN.

Frost Patterns.jpg

So, maybe a "sealed system" problem?? See photo of Freezer coils.

It's worth noting that shortly after I opened the Freezer to check the coils, the defrost heater came on and defrosted what little frost there was.


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Yes, those photos indicate a sealed system problem. That would be a major repair and very expensive.
Yes, thought as much. Shopping for a new fridge ...not wasting a bunch of money on the old one (even tho only 8 years old) bummer.

Q: Based on information that fridge FIRST was not cooling, but freezer was ok...and now the fridge is cooling fine, while the freezer is not, tell you anything about the the source of the issue?

Thank you again.
Q: Based on information that fridge FIRST was not cooling, but freezer was ok...and now the fridge is cooling fine, while the freezer is not, tell you anything about the the source of the issue?
Yes, it all comes down to the frost pattern on the freezer evaporator coil. Its still a sealed system problem if it doesn't have a normal frost pattern.

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