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KSCS25FTMS02 Kitchenaid side by side refrigerator cycling off and on every minute


Mar 28, 2023
Seattle, WA
Hello, and sorry if i'm replying in the wrong place. I also have a Kitchenaid KSCS25FTMS02 side-by-side refrigerator which (i believe) needs a new main electronic control board, although i had different issues. I think the problems may have been initiated by a power surge that resulted in intermittent on/off behavior and clicking relays. After reading a good blog post of a home repair by this guy - http://web.archive.org/web/20210804...henaid-w10219463-2307028-control-board-for-6/
i decided to try fixing the board by replacing the relays and the electrolytic caps. After doing so, i got no life coming from the board. Not sure if when i attempted the board repair it was already lifeless (i.e., was not even giving relay clicks anymore), or if that was an 'improvement' from my solder job, because it has sat idle for a few years and i neglected to take notes.

After getting back into the project at the encouragement of the lady of the house and coming by enough money to buy more than just a few relays, i came to the two options of either:
A) Sending my board out to a place that repairs boards to see *if* they could fix it for about $100, or
B) Buying the mfg repair kit (for 3x the price of a board repair, as well as altering the wiring scheme of the appliance with no new wiring diagram, but with faster turnaround and a higher degree of certainty the part will be good).

Unless anyone here has great things to say about option A, i came here mainly to ask about the success rate, longevity, and future troubleshootability (there's a new word for you) of the Whirlpool repair kit - option B.
I believe i should be ordering part number W10823803 as i think Jake stated above or in a slightly different thread.

So does swapping the board for this repair kit make future troubleshooting more difficult? Have many people who have gone this route complained later that the repair kit didn't last?
Maybe more importantly, especially since my understanding is that no appliance parts place will take a returned part which has been installed, are there any appliance part places to stay away from? The best price i could find for this repair kit was at Appliance Parts 4 All - https://www.applianceparts4all.com. Anybody here have knowledge of them, or have any other suggestions? When i check reviews for any of these places there are always a ton of bad reviews!

Any help and/or comments about this would be great. Thanks!
Yes, that indicates the control board is starting to fail, they don't make that control board anymore, but they make a service kit to replace it with.

Here's the service kit to replace it:
Electronic Control Board Service Kit W10823803

It comes with instructions on how to do it.

Its less expensive here: Main Control Board W10823803

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