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KSCS25INSS00 KitchenAid refrigerator beeping


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Mar 28, 2015
long island new york
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More than 10 years
Recently we noted an intermittent faint beeping in our kitchen and it seems to be from our refrigerator. When I open the door the motor/fan seems to go on and the beeping fades away. I cannot tell if it is from the refrigerator or the freezer. This happens several times per day and lasts for several minutes Are there any codes I can access ? Any ideas?
I'm attaching your tech data sheet below, run through the steps in the service diagnostic mode and see if any of those steps make it beep.



  • W10142175 Refrigerator Tech Sheet.pdf
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Ok, sounds good.

I went through the tech sheet and all 7 steps check out good . They give the 1 code and no persistent beeping.
The refrigerator is working fine. Both the freezer and refrigerator are keeping proper temperature. I hear the faint intermittent beep and when I open the refrigerator door the beeping stops and the something starts blowing and turns on (fan/compressor ?)
Any other ideas or guidance is appreciated.
Ok, there is control board in the back of your refrigerator that can beep. Pull your refrigerator out from the wall, then remove the lower back access panel and see if the beeping is coming from there.

I do not see any control board on the parts diagram in the back of the refrigerator. The beeping is getting louder and more constant. On the parts diagram the only control board I see is #6 in the light assembly and your parts area states discontinued. I tried again the diagnostics and all came up 1 ie no fault. any other ideas ?
Two days ago the freezer was not keeping the food frozen and the temp gauge registered 17 deg. I removed all the food. I followed the tech sheet again and step 1 &2 were good but step 3 would not register and the frig would go back on. I pulled out the refrigerator today and removed the bottom panel. There is no control board to the right of the fan. The valves for the water are in this area. Amazingly, the beeping has stopped for the last 24hrs and the refrig and freezer are at 0 and 37 deg ie proper working temp . I will leave the frig out of the enclosure and monitor for the day. The mystery continues.......
The unit started beeping again 2 short beeps approx 4 times followed by one long beep . I turned the ice maker off. It seem to be from the top region of the freezer but that is just an educated guess Any ideas before I call a repair man ? ( my wife wants to buy a new unit !
There is no control board to the right of the fan.
Take a photo of the entire back of the bottom parts and I will show you where that control board is. I know its there, I've replaced it many times on this model.:)

I tried to post pix but that is beyond my tech skills. Can you post a pix of where it is? I can say the beeping did NOT seem to be localized to the lower part of the back of the unit. Both the frig and freezer are not keeping proper temp. I shut off the unit last nite and started on again this am. Will check temp later. The beeping seems to be related to the fan unit at the top but I cant be sure ..Is that the baffle? Any other help is appreciated. TY
Thanks Robert!

Look here, I put a RED Box where the attached files button is located:

Screenshot 2022-01-17 17.07.30.png
Thanks for the video. Now I see where the control board is. However, when I removed the back panel the beeping did not seem to come from that area. I tried the diagnostic test again but after 1 and 2 checked out it did not advance to 3 and just converted the gauge to centigrade and went to normal working mode. I am out of ideas and have never failed at a repair in many yrs.. Considering giving in and calling repair man...wife wants to buy new unit ..yikes$$
Ok, then yes have a tech come out or go refrigerator shopping.

The average life of refrigerators is only 8-12 years, the good old days of 20-40 years are long gone, unfortunately.


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