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KSGG700ESS1 Gas range one top burner intermittently not lighting


Premium Member
Dec 4, 2015
British Columbia
Model Number
1-5 years
My gas range, the front right top burner works perfect 50% of the time, and then all of the sudden if I try it again, it won't light. When it doesn't work, the sparker is sparking perfect, straight up every time like it should, and I can hear the gas pressure coming through when I turn the valve, but it won't light or it builds up enough gas to create a poof of fire when it doesn't finally light. Any suggestions what it could be? Would that be the valve not opening up all the way? Maybe a partial blockage in the orofice? The ports on the burner head are completely clear. Thanks for the help.
Did you remove the right front burner and make absolutely sure its not clogged?

If so, then its usually a weak ignitor that causes this problem.

Here's the right front ignitor for your model: Igniter-Brnr,surf, Ez, WIRED,685MM W11447374

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