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KSRI25FNWH00 A blade in the ice dispenser is bent


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Sep 17, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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More than 10 years
My Kitchen Aid side by side has ice through the door that dispenses cubes, or "crushed" ice. This unit is still making ice however a couple of the grandkids were over a few days ago and "crushing" ice over and over for their enjoyment! Later that evening, when trying to get ice for our own drinks, the ice dispenser unit would just HUM. Upon closer inspection (I emptied the ice container and looked down in to see if there was a solid chunk of ice or something that was stopping the blades from turning) I can see that one blade is bent completely backward, catching on the others and not allowing them to turn. Therefore, the paddle won't turn and the ice won't dispense. Looking down into the ice container, the paddle that turns the ice in the container appears to attached to a metal plate, which undoubtedly also is attached to those wicked looking blades in the chute! (The ones that "crush" the ice). I removed the 2 screws in that plate, but when I turn the container upside down, there is one phillips-head screw holding the "gear" (and probably all attached to the above.) I cannot turn that screw no matter how I try. I need to know if it is a proper clockwise turning screw or for some reason, am I trying to turn it the wrong way??? I am hopeful that if we can get that mechanism OUT, we can straighten the blade...or replace that whole portion of the unit. Any advice would be appreciated short of buying a new refrigerator!!!! IF I can get those blades out, and if I CANNOT straighten the bent one, then is it possible that I can buy just that portion (The paddle and blade mechanism)? If not, can I purchase the entire container with the paddle and blades in it, to just pop into the place of the one with the problem? HELP!

Thank you.
Ron Graves


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Aug 24, 2004
Redmond, Oregon
Hi Ron,

All the screws should be normal, turn them left to loosen.

Clockwise would be tightening it.

If you can't get that screw out, they don't make the complete ice bucket assembly anymore: 2258252

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