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KSRV22FVSS03 Dispensing Crushed Ice, Cubes Not Working

Jun 24, 2018
Model Number
Have run into a problem: My Kitchenaid's ice maker is making ice. When switched to crushed ice, it functions perfectly. But it's not dispensing cubed, whole ice.

I have removed the ice tray. Nothing is jammed. The buttons on the front signal that it's switching between the two modes. But we can only get crushed ice.

Any advice appreciated. (I've done some reading on parts, but would prefer some more expert advice first.) Thank you.

Does it make any sound at all when you switch it to cubed ice?

You will need a multimeter, I use this one: Multimeter DM10T

Access the auger motor and check for either +110 VDC or -110 VDC between the brown/white wire and the red/white wire. One direction is crushed the other is cubed.

Remove the connector from the motor, tape the freezer door switch closed, activate the ice dispenser pad while measuring across those two leads to the motor.

If the voltage is correct, replace the auger motor:
Auger Motor W10822606

Its fairly easy to access/replace the auger motor, its located inside your freezer door with the freezer door open look down about 3 shelves, then you will see 2 screws that sit just below that 2nd or 3rd shelf. Just take that cover off and you will see it mounted in there, then the 4 screws that mounts it, then remove it, there will be a metal rod that connects to the top of it, just install the new motor with that metal rod in the same place. And remove the electrical connector from the old one to the new one.

When Volt testing you don't have to remove the auger motor, just remove the electrical connector to it.

Let us know what you find.


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