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KSSS42QDX05 KitchenAid Refrigerator - Same owner 24 years - random cooling problem


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May 26, 2023
Model Number
More than 10 years
Been chugging along with this unit for years. I have a service plan so everything that is still made is covered.

Over the years I have had replacement of:
Compressor - Partial warranty
Condensor Fan
Ice maker
Evaporator Fan - 4X's ( last one a month ago )
Lotos of broken plastic parts fixed with epoxy
Thermistor ( a month ago / when installed the tech cut wires and used wire nuts to install )

Today I am vexed with a random COOLING PROBLEM I cannot figure out. When operating, the freezer gets cold to proper operating temperature. However, it will randomly stop... I think when timer kicks in to defrost. However, we have noticed that it will go for a prolonged period before kicking back on and freezer warms along with fridge. I had a tech come out and he has ordered a new timer. He suggested the control board in the fridge which I thought only opens and closes the damper ( not an issue ) was also the issue. However, the control board is nolonger made.

NOTE: I have several times taken a flathead screwdriver and turned the timer. I recall distinctly one time when the freezer was not cold enough, hearing the compressor click on. However, other times, I have not heard it click on.

Could this be a run capacitor switch issue which is connected to the compressor? (Part number 2169373 Whirlpool Refrigerator Run Capacitor)

Any other suggestions?


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It sounds to me that the defrost timer is randomly sticking in the defrost cycle.

Here's the defrost timer for your model:
WP2183400 Timer

Could this be a run capacitor switch issue which is connected to the compressor?
No, that shouldn't cause this problem.
Hi Jake,

Thank you for your insight. You have an impressive resume. Tough to find many with a background to figure out issues with these appliances. The techs that have come to my home have several times suggested my fridge was shot. The first time was over 10 years ago.

Your deduction is what I have suggested to the tech. I should have added, this to my post. We ordered and just received that part today. I am waiting the technician to get here.

In case that is not it, I have have them also order the capacitor since it is also paid for under my plan.

I will keep you all posted on my results.

Thanks again Jake!
So 2 days ago I had a new timer installed. I was hoping this would stop the issue of not cooling soon enough. It didn't.

Then yesterday, we installed the relay switch on the compressor.... things started to cool down, but shortly after, I noticed warmer temps. I placed a meat thermometer in the freezer and go a reading close to 40F. I turned the timer hoping to start the compressor and it seemed to pop on. It took a while but freezer temp worked it's way down to around 10F, which seems to be fine. That was last evening and still today. However, It has operated correctly in the past, for example last week when we thought all was well only for it to start acting up.

I have a GUT feeling the issue is not yet resolved, since it still warmed up even after the new relay is was installed.

After all the reading I have done, I believe it is the Freezer thermostat. The type with the dial. I believe it is beginning to fail and when it does, does not sense the warmer temp to send the compressor on.

I will keep you posted on the next few days, but if anyone wants chime in and comment, please do.

- My compressor is newer and quiet as a mouse. It runs fine when on.
- Even when warm temp is exhibited, both the condenser and evaporator fans are running.
After all the reading I have done, I believe it is the Freezer thermostat. The type with the dial. I believe it is beginning to fail and when it does, does not sense the warmer temp to send the compressor on.
Yes, I agree with you. That can be starting to fail after all these years.

Here's the freezer thermostat for your model:
Thermostat, Temp WP1113466
Waiting for the tech to show up tomorrow.

It's acting up again today... internal temps again moving to upper 30s. Fingers crossed it kicks in shortly.
Ok, let us know how it goes.
So yesterday, I had the Freezer thermostat installed. Thermostat, Temp WP1113466. Immediately after it was installed and it was turned on, I could the compressor go on. The tech wanted to be sure it was working properly so he turn off power and waited a while for compressor equalibriate.

Once he turned it back on, there was a delay, but it eventually kicked in. It ran well all night, and cooled down to close to 0F. However, today around noon, I looked in the freezer it was again warming up, while the evaporator and condenser fans were running. No heat was being emitted from the compressor... didn't seem like it was on.

I turned the timer to off and let it sit. Then turned it back on. Compressor does not seem to be kicking on. It's been 15 minutes and still no heat being emitted from compressor but evaporator and condenser fans still running. Temp approaching 40F in Freezer again.

I then let it run for another 10 minutes, advanced the timer to turn the fans off, then slowly (notch by notch) advanced the timer until fans turned on. It seemed like the compressor kicked on, but not definitively. It did not make that initial hum for about 5 seconds that then goes away. However, it did what it had been doing this whole time. I heard that same KLICK from the compressor as it if was kicking off after about 10 seconds. Still no heat coming from compressor.

The the compressor is running, I do feel warm air being passed over it, even to the point the the aluminum on the fridge is also warm.

It seems like the compressor is either going out or low on freon. The system has been opened up by the previous owner.. thought the either did the compressor, condenser or both as you can see in the pic above.

What kind of valve is that which was installed? If low on Freon, it should be a snap to add?

Any ideas... as I am out of them.
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Yes, its sounding more like a sealed system problem. Its just a basic access valve into the sealed system.

The sealed system consists of the compressor, condenser, evaporator, heat exchanger, filter/drier and refrigerant.

Common problems with a sealed system are bad compressors, refrigerant leaks, and system restrictions. Sealed system repair costs will often exceed the machines value.

If low on Freon, it should be a snap to add?
Not as easy as it sounds. We don't get into sealed system repair here, there's a lot to it. Compressor/sealed system work is not a repair a normal consumer can do. Doing compressor/sealed system work is very unique craft that you need to be trained in with lots of hands on experience.

Doing sealed system work requires you to have a turbo torch, acetylene for the torch, knowledge of how to use and weld with a turbo torch, also having a vacuum pump, and the proper amount of R-134a to use, changing the Filter Drier as well, solder, flux, silfloss, sandpaper, etc.

You need to be a certified Type 1 40 CFR part 82, subpart F. AHAM-NARDA Refrigerant Tech. to change Compressors or do any sealed system work involving Freon(Refrigerant Gas). I got certified on 11-17-1994 when i worked for Montgomery Ward Service Dept.
A little more info. So today, I had another HSP tech stop by at 1:40pm CT. The Freezer was in warm mode again. While he was here, both evaporator and condenser fans were running and he confirmed that the compressor was running (on) (warm to touch, not hot) but none of my tubing was warm, i.e. condenser or lines to and from. We removed the evaporator cover. I don't' know what he thought he was going to see b/c the item was above freezing. Sure enough, behind the cover there was no frost. Condensation, but no frost. I had already moved the freezer items to my back up fridge.

Sure enough, about 45 minutes after he left, the freezer started cooling down. I purchased a digital thermometer and placed it in the freezer about 3:30pm. Temps have been dropping about 1 degree per minute and now I am at 1.6F at 5:05pm with frost on the bottom tube. It's the only one I can see since the evaporator is covered again.

Should I remove the cover to see if I have uneven frost?

Keep in mind, my compressor is whisper quiet. It has been replaced a while back and has the two valves installed since.

Could this be a pinched line, low freon or an inefficiant compressor starting to go bad.

It just doesn't make sense. When its working, it is darn cold!
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I suspect moisture in the system that is freezing once temps drop causing a restriction. Once it melts and starts all over again. Evacuate, replace drier in pic, run a good vacuum, recharge system.
Happy 4th of July everyone.

I had what was supposed to be a "more" experienced repair tech come out who knows and works on sealed systems from Twin City Appliance. I mentioned before and as can be seen in my original post, the fridge has had a sealed system repair shortly repair before I purchased it.

This tech hooked up his gauges and said my pressure was normal. We removed the evaporator cover and I had even frost which he said was normal.

He said that unless the fridge was "acting up" i.e. warming up in temp that he would not be able to provide a pressure reading that may suggest what the exact problem was.

He suggested that I had moisture in the system. In other words, I spent $189 for him to tell me the same thing my Home Service Plus tech told me.

I asked about evacuating the system, and he just blew it off. He offered not real solution and his findings were inconclusive.


1) I have watched several videos on transporting refrigerators. When they first picked up and delivered my fridge, they kept it upright. However, when they transported it into the house, they tipped it on it's side while moving it and to get it through the door. Could oil have leaked out of the compressor and comprimsied the they system?

2) If I have moisture, can fridge like mine be evacuated similar to what I have done with my car AC and refilled?
Quick update.... still chugging along, albeit not well.

Today, while the freezer was near zero, the fridge was too warm, near 40F. Condensation was a present on fridge items but the compressor was running, EXCEPT the evaporator fan was not.

Is there any chance this could be from the fridge "damper" control board ( 2004005).

I called a shop that specializes in repairing control boards for refrigerators and this particular board. The tech I spoke with said this particular "damper" control board controls the defrost heater and the evaporator fan????

Any thoughts appreciated.

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