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KSSS42QHB00 KitchenAid Superba water line dispenser replacement


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Aug 31, 2021
Mobile, AL
I have not done anything since my post. But, here is what I plan to do in the next few weeks. I removed all of the ice/water dispenser parts in the front of the frig so I could see exactly where that hose was coming from.

I took an ice pick and I pushed it through the insulation and hopefully it made a hole through it so I have a reference point and can cut out a small area of the insulation to see if I can make a new connection to the tubing that broke off.

I think this will work but no guarantee. But at least when I go to pull that inside panel off, there will be a hole that I can see and then I can begin finding a way to attached that water tube by cutting away some of the installation from around where my hole is (giving it went all the way through which I think it did).

But if not, I'll push something round and sharp back through and with the back panel off, I for sure will be able to see where the ice pick or wire is coming out and use that as my reference point. Good luck!