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FIXED KUDE60HXSS5 KitchenAid Dishwasher Fills but then Shuts off

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So after successfully running the one hour cycle with the vent wire harness disconnected, I ran the ProWash/ProDry cycle with the vent harness disconnected with 100% success.
corrosion on the terminals or plug as some of these codes can be false codes on these things.
Maybe disconnect the vent and can see if it completes the cycle. It can power down the DC circuit if bad or corrosion is there.
Excellent, I was not aware that could cause this problem, thanks again bigbuck!

Do you notice any corrosion on the terminals or plugs?

Hi Jake,

No, there was no moisture or corrosion on the wiring. I believe the vent fan has stopped working. I am going to try and replace it. I'll let you know the outcome.
Ok Jimmy, sounds good, yes that will be very interesting to see if that was the cause this whole time, I've never RAN into that before as being the cause.

I received the new vent assembly yesterday and installed it this morning. I have run a one hour wash cycle and the dishwasher worked perfectly. So, it appears that the culprit was the vent fan within the vent assembly. The problem is resolved. Many thanks.

Also, thanks bigbuck for the suggestion to disconnect the fan before running diagnostics. That suggestion was certainly key to finding and fixing the problem.

I appreciate all of the help. And my wife is very happy to have her dishwasher back. Woohoo.
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