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FIXED KUDM01TJBT1 KitchenAid Dishwasher fills with water. Wash light blinks. Chopper cover removal help too!

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Nov 13, 2006
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1-5 years
I have a KitchAid KUDM01TJBT1. I have power to the control panel, and unit fills with water. When it tries to go into the wash sequence, the wash/power/and options light blink. The washer pauses, and then gives it another shot. It will continue in this loop until I cancel. It has started washing for a couple of minutes, and then quit.

It seemed like a short in the wire, so I reconnected the main power cord. Didn't resolve. A lot of forums talk about "thermal fuses". Is my washer a candidate? Any help is greatly appreciated.<O:p

You have a short in your control panel assembly, you will need a new one.

What color is yours?

Here is a new one for your model you can order, if yours is black:
WP8270226 Console Asm.

I got a new control panel with keypad and the brain box behind it, did not resolve. I think the dishwasher stops when it tries to start the pump it uses for the wash cycle. That pump is probably what I'll repace next. Sound like a good idea, or am I way off? I hope I can fix it soon, I hate doing dishes.
Thats odd, that control panel/touchpad assembly should of fixed it. I have fixed many of these models with the same symptoms of yours.

It sounds like more of a technical issue, I would hate to see you keep replacing parts, I would check for something that could be stuck in your chopper screen area, as described here:

Trouble removing shield

I can't budge the inlet shileld. Part # 8 on the diagram. I took the screw out located on the left side of the shield, and a screw going through part 9. The flat (part 9) protector lifted out easily, but the dome shaped shield won't budge. Is there a trick to removing part 8?


Do you see the little notch at the very top of #8? Get a flathead screwdriver and tap that towards the right, then it will come off.

I know it's been a long time since the last post, but this is still a common dishwasher. There is a release on the right side that is down in the little sump, as stated above, you can push it to the left and that will release the cover --BUT, but, but, but, the cover could still be REALLY HARD to get off. It gets welded to the sump with crud, especially if the macerator is horribly clogged.

I worked on it for 10 minutes before it finally came loose, and you have to be careful not to damage the plastic.

I know it would work to bend the end of a long screwdriver to an acute angle making a kind of hook. Then you could get under the front edge, there is lots of room, and pry UP.
However, I was able to get mine free by wedging a knife into the back edge in various places until it finally popped.

I also had a 1.25" long finish nail inside my macerator compartment. !!!!
Yes, some of those chopper screen covers can be a nightmare to remove after many years in place, but I've always been able to remove them.

Glad to hear you got yours off.(y)

For others following this 2006 thread.:)

Here's the chopper screen assembly for this model:
Food Chopper Assembly W10083957V

Here's the video to replace it:

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