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KUIC15PHZ - Little to no ice


Jun 8, 2018
Model Number
1-5 years
Hi All,

Like many of the posts/posters I read on this forum, i am at my wits end with an ice maker. The model is a Kitchenaid KUIC15PHZS. The machine makes thin ice and I can see the "swirl" pattern from the evap plate in the ice (thicker where the coil runs underneath, thin or no ice in the spaces in between) The ice is so thin it usually melts while on the cutting grid, or melts a short time after falling. There is no accumulation after hours of the machine running.

I can't get this one figured out.
- I have taken the machine apart and cleaned everything (coils, fan, all water hoses)
- I have checked water flow, which is normal (reservoir fills up, pump kicks in, water flows even and constantly over the evap plate)
- I have pulled the 134a, and recharged the system (didn't have a scale, but approx 1/2 a can of 12 ounce auto 134a)
- All cycle times seem pretty consistent (fill, freeze, and harvest)

I ran a cycle without water to check the temp of the evap plate. It took a while, maybe 8 or so minutes for the plate to cool down below freezing. I am also noticing some inconsistencies in the temp of the evap plate, 1 cycle it will get down to 0 degrees the next it stops at 20 degrees. The temp of the circulating water in the reservoir gets into the high 20's and I can see ice form on the plate, but it usually takes to the second half of the freeze cycle before I see it start to form.

I think the problem has to do with the refrigeration system because the water and cycle times are working normal. Would a bad compressor give any of these symptoms? Is something wrong with the evap plate? Clog or junk in the copper lines while I was trying to recharge the 134a?

Any ideas are appreciated.