Late 1940's GM Frigidaire Refrigerator ML-77 Starting Compressor Relay Question

Haven’t had a chance to work on it today, going to mess with it more tomorrow.

Not wanting to fry anything so, hopefully we can figure this out.

Really appreciate all the help so far.

Marriage cable is a 2 conductor cable
Are you referring to a cord with two wires in it?
2 Wire.jpg

OK, you'll need to take a few pics so I can see what you're referring to. Sorry about that. I'm trying to follow you the best I can. If you can't take a pic maybe try drawing a diagram.
Hi All,

Been out of town the last couple weeks. Just getting back to work on my fridges. Hopefully, I can get schematics drawn. I will post them when I have them complete.

Being Memorial, to all vets, thank you.


Finally, I got some time to work on my fridge. Well, I was over thinking it and me wiring matches your drawing. So, I am in the process of running new wires to clean up my mess.
In the process of removing the trim, unfortunately, I broke it... any Ideas on a suitable replacement? The press board was in perfect shape so, I plan on reusing it. Also, what type of caulk/sealer do you recommend? On the bottom of my fridge there is a putty like seal that's lost the fight.

Well, all wired up and it trips my breaker.. guessing the compressor is bad... I hear a buzz come from the relay and pop goes the breaker.

Followed Ricks wiring schematic to a T.
Make a 3 wire test cord with a Normally Open momentary switch. (home centers, walmart, auto parts)Connect the test cord to the compressor and connect you're amp meter but don't plug it in yet. Double check the connections are tight. Hold the momentary switch closed and plug in the machine. When the compressor starts release the momentary switch.

Recommendations on a switch type? Current rating?


PS- I travel all over the country working, I was actually is SLC Utah a week ago.
Recommendations on a switch type? Current rating?
Whatever you can find as long as it's rated for 120 VAC. And as long as it's a Normally Open momentary switch.

I was actually is SLC Utah a week ago.
Cool! How did you like our little city? The Great Salt lake is at a record all time low.

Found a switch and will be testing later this week. Just got home from a job in Canada (what a nightmare). As always, greatly appreciate your help on this. Hopefully, my compressor isn't fried. Any ideas on replacement moldings? If I have to replace the compressor, I am going to reinsulate with rockwool and figured I would have a buddy make me some moldings out of stainless steel.

SLC is always a good time. One of my favorite breweries is there Fisher Brewing... since my last name is Fisher, only fitting right?


It's alive!!! Using the suicide cord & the momentary switch the fridge fired right up and ran without issue. Barely pulled any load.

So, did I have a bad relay out of the box new or, was my relay undersized? I bought another R041 & a R081 just in case.

I am going to start putting it back together and was wondering if I should re-insulate or, just leave it be. I had some plastic moldings break while taking it apart too. Suggestions on replacements?

As always, thank you for your help sir!

What was the amp draw? I don’t know what was faulty. Did you have the wires from the relay connected to the correct terminals on the compressor?

The plastic trim pieces around the door have a well deserved name, “Breaker Strips” . Break out the super glue and aluminum tape because you’ll never be able to find them. Of corse, I’ve been wrong before LOL.

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