Late 40's or early 50's Vintage Westinghouse refrigerator compressor short cycles


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Nov 14, 2018
Spokane, Wa
Model Number: NH6
Brand: White-Westinghouse
Age: More than 10 years


I own an old Westinghouse refrigerator, around late 40's or early 50's vintage. It has worked fine for about 12 to 15 years. I recently moved it to another house, and was careful with it and used an appliance dolly. I placed it in the garage and just let it sit for about 8 hours before plugging it in. I never laid the unit down during travel, it was only leaned back while using the dolly. after plugging it in, it ran normally for over 24 hours and was cooling nicely. On the second day however, I noticed it would kick on a run for a short period of time and then kick out. I have looked at the temperature controller and it seems to be operating normally, but cleaned up the contact points anyway. I have determined that the compressor overload switch seems to be kicking the motor out. I ran a jumper and by-passed the switch and the compressor stayed running. I only ran it for about a minute and a half. Right now, it just runs for about 30 seconds before kicking out without the jumper. I am searching for a new overload switch now, and having trouble finding one. I am not sure how this switch comes off the compressor.
The switch is a Klixon MRA937.
The refrigerator is a Westinghouse model NH6.

I realize that there may be another problem such as being low on freon or something, but I would think it would not have run normally for over 24 hours before acting up. I thought the overload switch may have just got weak over all the years, and am hoping that is the problem.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated, and also any suggestions on where I may be able to find this part or a cross reference to an appropriate part of another manufacturer.

Thank you, Jimmyjoe