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LDG4315ST Double oven: top oven igniter replacement question. F9 error code.


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Aug 28, 2021
Oakland, ca
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1-5 years
We have an LG LDG4315ST double oven.

The top oven doesn't heat up with an F9 error code.

Since the top oven's broiler, range burners, and bottom oven all worked properly, and given that the igniter's one of the most common things to go bad, I thought it was a good bet to replace the igniter.

As per the upper parts cavity diagram, I got a MEE61841401 which looks identical to the one shown here (flat blade type) but purchased elsewhere. I received a Robertshaw model 41-231; the box label says it replaces a MEE61841401

Here's the issue. When I finally got into the oven to replace it, the igniter I'm replacing is different: It's a round type (see photo) and the part number is MEE63084901. Most concerning, it's labeled as a 115V component, while the one I got is a 120V component.

Deciding to throw caution to the wind (what could possibly go wrong?) I decided to do the swap anyway. After buttoning everything up and plugging 'er in, I turned on the bottom oven and immediately ran into the living room just to be safe. I'm happy to report there were no explosions and after gingerly approaching the kitchen again, I noticed the oven had ignited and was warming up again. Huzzah! So it's working again.

Googling the proper part number MEE63084901 seems to return a lot of MEE61841401 results. So it's a little confusing.

Nonetheless.... What have I done? What effect is voltage and shape mismatch going to have on performance or longevity or whathaveyou?

Bad Part that came out of the oven:

Replacement part I got:
That looks like a aftermarket oven igniter, we don't recommend aftermarket parts here.

Its always be to get the OEM oven ignitor here:
Oven Ignitor MEE61841401

Rick helped another person here with this same issue:


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