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LDG7334AAE My replacement Maytag dryer parts, fell apart!


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Dec 7, 2022
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More than 10 years
Greetings. I have an old (25+ years) Maytag gas dryer, LDG7334AAE. it came with the house and has always run fine. About 4 years ago it starting developing a slight squeak at startup. I bought a drum roller/belt/slides parts kit but didn't use it until things got real noisy lately, so it (kit) sat in the garage for few years, on top of the dryer. When I finally installed
the kit, per video instructions, the dryer ran fine for a few loads, then got progressively noisier with clunky banging sounds and vibrating. It was found that every bit of rubber on the replacement rollers had disintegrated and fallen off down to the inner plastic cores. I still had the old rollers, so put them back on with new parts (axles and washers). Dryer ran fine for a few weeks, then started to squeak bad again. The new front drum sliders had disintegrated into particles/dust right down to the cork backing.
So now I've ordered new "improved 2022" rollers and new slides. New belt seems OK and is the only part of the kit that held up.
While obviously I should have used the kit sooner, I find it incredible that the kit parts, stored in the same location/environment as the dryer itself, would just fall apart. Now it is a hot humid South Florida garage so not ideal, but I've never seen that happen to other parts. I notice that particular parts kit is no longer available where I bought it (Amazon.)
So besides this report on my parts experience, I have a question: I couldn't find any kind of upgraded drum slides, and I'm concerned about using more of the same. And the drum where it rubs the slides has lost most of it's paint is down to bare metal from friction. Is there a lubricant/parts tip for that area? You'd think they might have come up with a better kind of bearing for that area. Even teflon wears out.
Anyway I will try my new parts and see how that goes. It's been a reliable machine and hopefully will continue to be.
I notice that particular parts kit is no longer available where I bought it (Amazon.)

If you purchased the parts off Amazon they were very likely not OEM factory replacement parts. I have no idea what they'd consider "improved 2022" but IMO the OEM manufacturer knows best what is required.

If you want the best possible parts, I suggest you purchase genuine Maytag/Whirlpool parts from a repeatable dealer. The dealer at the following link offers a 1-year warranty on their replacement parts

LINK > OEM Maytag Drum Rollers

LINK > OEM Maytag Front Drum Slides

Is there a lubricant/parts tip for that area?

You should be able to use a silicone lubricate there. Here are a couple options:

LINK > Whirlpool Silicone Lubricant, 1/2 oz.

LINK > Sil-Glyde Lubricant, 4 oz.

Dan O.
Thanks Dan,

Yeah they were probably cheap knock -off parts to begin with, and I wonder how long they were in storage before I even purchased them, could have been a long time. Like buying "new" tires for your car that are already dry-rotted in the warehouse.
The parts I mentioned are already on the way so in the interest of speed I'll probably try them anyway, but I'll definitely try to get one of those specific lubricants as you listed before I reassemble. If these other parts don't work I'll definitely get those factory replacements ones. I can get the dryer apart again in about 10 minutes if needed. Anyway, thanks for your response and effort in posting those parts, great answer. I'll report back what happens.

Be Well,

Jon H.
The new parts worked OK, the assembly was rotating smoothly but the old motor I think was damaged by running too long with bad parts and finally gave out. It ran once (empty, air fluff/no heat) to test and then it seized on the second test. All you get is a loud buzzing noise from the motor area. . I rotated the drum by hand (it turns easily) to check for friction/jam, but the motor just won't turn the drum anymore. Not investing in more parts for this old dryer which might easily have had 30 years on it.
Thanks for viewing, Dan thanks for links, etc.


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