LE8317W2 Dryer stops mid-cycle, sometimes hums sometimes doesn't if start button pressed


Sep 29, 2018
Chicago, IL
Model Number
6-10 years
LE8317W2 / PLE8317W2. 240v Electric Dryer.

Don't actually know the age of the dryer, but assuming 6-10 years, if not older

The dryer began to stop mid-cycle; drum & timer stopped. If I pressed the dial down again it would buzz. Dryer started up again after a while (presumably after it has cooled).

Disassembled the dryer and found that the interior and motor were heavily caked with lint. The 4" rigid exhaust duct that I installed when I bought the house (replacing a flexible tube) was clean and the exterior vent clear.

I also found that one of the rollers was loose. Upon inspection it appeared that the upper/right hand side's roller's inside thrust bearing had failed and fallen off, and the roller was wearing down the axle and opening up its bearing.

After removing the drum and thoroughly cleaning the interior (and bridging of the door switch contacts), the motor would run fine for hours.

Replaced the rollers, axles and thrust bearings, and the belt since it was open. Put the dryer back together and the drum appears to turn freely by hand.

However the same behavior started again (stops part way, buzzes if dial pressed again). I read in a couple of places to try rotating the drum while buzzing (with the door switch closed and pressing the dial down) to confirm a motor problem, so I've tried this now twice. If I rotate the drum while the dryer is buzzing, the buzzing stops and no response is heard from the dryer. If it's left for some time (10-20 minutes) it will start buzzing again when the dial is pressed, and will start again significantly later (I'd say close to 30-60 minutes later).

I was ready to look at ordering a new motor, but the additional step of losing the buzzing indicates to me that possibly one of the thermostats is also cutting out (why only when I rotate the drum I'm not sure) and I've not found a description of this behavior in the service manual or online to help work out which other parts to diagnose.

Any suggestions are welcome!