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LE8517W2 Amana dryer screeching sound on start, rubbing grinding sound on stop


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Dec 16, 2017
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As title says.. We had a washing machine problem and moved the dryer out. On moving the dryer back in to place we got these starting and stopping noises. Seems to run okay in between starting and stopping. I tried shifting the drum a little. The binding sound on stop seems to have reduced a some.

Posted a video here:


I move the drum by hand 3 times then start the dryer in the video...

Seems like maybe Idler pulley wheel or related? Drum out of alignment?

Thank you for any input you can offer. R
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Hi Jake thanks for your reply. I've already inspected all of these parts and they all seemed reasonably ok. I put everything back together and the sound is still there. It's kind of hard to isolate where exactly the sound is coming from. The pads supporting the front of the drum seem ok but a little worn. There are a few marks on the drum at the front where these pads might touch, almost like colored heat marks.. Not sure if those indicate the pads are bad. The don't look all that bad but are worn a little. The idler assembly has a little play in the arm. Not sure if that is normal or not. The wheel seems ok and spins freely. The belt looked ok, but then i noticed a few small pieces had come off on one edge. Definitely will get that ordered and maybe test with a new belt.

Anyway. I'll try harder to isolate where the sound is. Would be nice to have a stethoscope with a tube on the end to help isolate where the sound is.
With the drum out and belt off, bypass the door switch and start the dryer on AIR FLUFF/NO HEAT so the motor runs alone and see if you hear the noise.

Ok great I'll try that.. there are 3 wires to the door switch, so I'm not sure how to bypass, but could just plug them in a guess.. Thank you
Look on the door switch for the words "COM" and "NO" , those are the 2 you jump.

Or you can just leaves the wires on the door switch and keep the front panel close to the cabinet to keep it from falling, then start the dryer while the drum is out of the machine and belt off, so we can hear the motor run by-itself and see if the noise is coming from the motor bearing or blower wheel.:)

Yup, the motor is shot.

Mom wants to just get a new dryer I think..
Yes, since its over 10 years old that would be fine.

Here's the motor for your model you can order if you decide to keep it:
WP2200376 Dryer Motor


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