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FIXED Leaky Maytag Washer MHWE201YW00


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Jun 3, 2017
Pacific Northwest
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I took the lower front panel off our MHWE201YW00 to inspect a separate issue and realize it has been leaking into the chassis.

I watched while it was running (overriding the panel switch) and the drips are coming from the bottom center front of the drum, off the bottom of the front counterweight.

Which seal would be the most likely cause of this? I would assume the front bellow: https://parts.alliancelaundry.com/i-23856907-maytag-wpw10381562-washer-bellow-d389-84.html
...but the odd thing is that the water is dripping from behind the front counterweight, and it would seem like if the bellow was leaking it would come over the front of the counterweight as well?

Any ideas?

Possibly the tub gasket:
Gasket WPW10111158

See if you notice water coming to the front from that tub gasket.
Thanks -- there was no water coming from the gasket area. The drips were coming from between the front counterweight and the tub only...
The only seal you have between the front counterweight and front outer tub is the boot seal. You can see the #10 seal goes between the outer rear tub #8 and front outer tub #21.


Here's the front bellow for your model:
WPW10381562 Bellow
Thanks! -- here's a pic of me indicating where the leak is coming from (you can see the discoloration on the bottom of the counterweight). No leak at the #10 seal that I can see. The leak that does happen only seems to occur when the drum is rotating at high speeds. Does this point to the bellow as the source or is there any other spot that I might pay attention to?


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Yes, that would possibly be the bellow leaking there, you can remove that counterweight to verify that if you want.
Ok, sounds good.
Glad to hear the new detergent dispenser to tub hose fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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