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FIXED LER6636PW1 Dryer Won't Start


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Mar 8, 2023
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Hello! This is my first post! Thank you for letting me in. I am having a start issue with my whirlpool dryer. I will start by telling all the troubleshooting steps I have taken. I have test the thermal fuse for continuity it passed. I tested all the thermostats and the Passed. I have tested the start switch it passed. I tested the power for the power terminals registering 250v and 122v from each positive power connection to neutral. I replaced the motor and blower fan and it still will not start. On top of that something is grinding now after the new motor and fan installation. The dryer does nothing when you press the start button. The timer ticks but it doesn't start. But Before I go spend $150+ dollars on a Timer, what else could it be?
I'd ohm test the door switch next.

Here's the door switch for your model:
Door Switch WP3406107

There is a video included in the door switch part link to show you how to access it and ohm test it. Disconnect power to your dryer first.
I forgot to write that the light goes on and off when I press in and release the door switch like it should do. I also made a cheaters cable to test the new motor and connected the positive to the thermal fuse and the negative to the negative terminal wire and nothing.
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Ok, You CAN do a direct bench test on the motor itself.

--->A test to see if the motor is any good, hook up a test cord to terminals 4 & 5 on the motor(THEY SHOULD BE LABELED M4 & M5 OR 4 & 5) , plug into a 120 volt outlet to see if the motor will run. If motor runs, the trouble is elsewhere.

You can buy a test(cheater) cord at any hardware store.

Make sure you unplug the dryer first before accessing the motor.

Here is the motor for your model:
Drive Motor 279827

Here's the video to access the motor:
I installed a brand new motor and blower fan (fan was seized onto the motor and ended up breaking the plastic trying to unscrew). If the timer is ticking could it still be that the timer is bad?
Sorry to bother you but do you know what to test on this particular timer to see if it is getting continuity because I am 2 seconds away from ordering this timer.


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Unplug the dryer and check for continuity between "T" and "W" on the timer when it's on timed dry, forty minutes. Always remove at least one wire from the component you're testing for continuity.

Also remove the black wire from the BK timer terminal. Check for continuity between BK and BU when its on timed dry 40 minutes, with the dryer still unplugged.

Here's the timer for your model:
Timer WP3979618
Yeah no continuity between the T W with the wire harness off for both. There is no way to just remove one wire since as you can see in the photo it uses a wire harness. Is there a way to jumper T and W with a wire to see if it starts?
Excellent, glad to hear the new timer fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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