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LFC24770SB/02 LG fridge not cooling or freezing


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Feb 6, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
Hey guys new to the forum.
Model: LFC24770SB/02
Control panel: ebr770425

My fridge stopped cooling in the fridge and freezer. I ran the test in the back it showed "22" for fridge and freezer( where the set temp is usually displayed.) Google the error code it said faulty overload relay so I bought and replaced that. While the fridge is running I checked to see if the code was still being put out and it is. How long will it take for the fridge/freezer to show that it's actually working?

I checked the control panel and the test light isn't blinking at all before I fixed the relay and after I fixed the relay.

So I held the freezer door switch to simulate the freezer being "closed" and it is spitting out air. The air feels cool tho. Not ice cold or below freezing Temps if that makes sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The air feels cool tho. Not ice cold or below freezing Temps if that makes sense.
Do you notice any frost build-up on the back panel INSIDE the freezer? If not, then you have a sealed system problem, its usually the compressor on these LG models that fail, meaning it still runs but not pumping the freon through the sealed system properly anymore, it wore out inside the compressor, the piston has degraded, thus it will not freeze anymore.

Check your owners manual warranty, some models have a 10 year LIMITED warranty on the compressor.
There is no frost or water inside the unit. I just got off the phone with lg and I'm only gonna have to pay for the labor.
Ok, thanks for the update.(y)
Yes, that seems quite high, check new refrigerator prices first before you do it.
I did in the time being my mom knows somebody that has a fridge there not using so that helps out a lot!
Ok, sounds good.:)
Your welcome!

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