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LFSS2612TE0 Frigidaire Refrigerator water dispenser not working


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Sep 26, 2020
Model Number
1-5 years
The voltage at the main pump was only 86V when water dispenser flap was pressed. The water dispensing pump received 120V though...
Thanks for your help!
I'm not understanding what you mean.

What we do is volt test at the water dispenser solenoid electrical connector, put your meter on the Volts AC setting and remove the electrical connector from the water dispenser solenoid and have someone press the water dispenser lever and watch the meter for 120 volts. If you get 120 volts, then that means that water dispenser solenoid is physically stuck closed and can't open to let water come through, thus you'd need a new water inlet valve to fix it.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model:
242252702 Water Valve

Sorry about that, what I mean is the water main valve where house water goes to the fridge. When disconnected the wires from it only has 86V when water dispenser level is pressed while the sub-valve for water dispenser line receives 120V...
You should be getting 120 volts on both.

If the voltage is less than 120 volts the isolation diodes are probably burned out. Use the diode check function
on your meter (or lowest ohms scale R x 1). Disconnect the 2 wire connector on the brown coil and insert the red test lead on the tan/yel wire. Disconnect the 2 wire connector on the yellow coil and touch the black test lead to the tan wire. Your meter should indicate 0 ohms. If it shows 1 or infinite/open replace the diodes.
Water Inlet Isolation Diodes TEST VAC.jpg


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