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LFSS2612TP3 Frigidaire Refrigerator Cracks on inside freezer side wall


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Feb 7, 2023
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1-5 years
Frigidaire Refrigerator LFSS2612TP3 has developed 2 cracks on inside freezer side wall. The unit is 2-1/2 yrs old and I have a 5 year extended warranty purchased at Lowes when in i bought the unit in July 2020. The warranty is apparently serviced by Assurant and/or Electrolux. i called a couple weeks ago. they sent a tech out and he said the only thing they could was put a piece of tape on it. I said one crack is 19" long, appears about 1/8" wide and seems to be going down the freezer wall and behind the back wall plate of the freezer. the other crack is above the large one and is not as wide and is about 6" long. I said i dont want a piece of tape put on this large of a crack. and it needs to be inspected to see if it is continuing behind the back plate. Tech said that is all they could do. But i could call Frigidaire about it. I did call Frigidaire and they said the OEM warranty is one year and they dont have any responsibility after the one year. I called Assurant again and they sent out another tech. He said the same thing, "we can tape it or you can call Frigidaire" I called Frigidaire a few times and asked to speak to someone higher up about the problem. Both Frigidaire and Assurant said they would have a supervisor or some one call me back. I'm still waiting on a call from either one of these agencies. Also when the fridge was originally delivered one of the handles had to be replaced. Then a few months later the doors were uneven. and not leveled. three trips later the doors were never leveled. (one tech came out and said the hinge needed to be "Bent up" to make it work. The second tech said he needed to piece of wood in the hinge to make it work. The third tech ordered a hinge and installed it and it never was level. I would like to get this fridge replace. Any thoughts? thanks


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I would like to get this fridge replace. Any thoughts?

I doubt that's going to happen. Such a failure would usually be classified as a cosmetic issue since it doesn't affect its functioning. It would usually never be covered by an extended warranty but you'd have to take that up with the insurance company.

"we can tape it

That is usually the repair for such occurrences. The appearance afterward is not unsightly and just looks like a seam in the plastic

The third tech ordered a hinge and installed it and it never was level.

The refrigerator might have been handled roughly at one time but it's likely too late to do anything about it now even if it was.

Good luck!

Dan O.
Thanks for your inputs.
I now have received a call from an Executive Response Specialist : Assurant Global Lifestyle – Home Solutions on Feb 8th. she listened to my story and said they would like to send a third tech out to inspect the cracks and fix a few other things wrong with the unit. The tech is scheduled for tomorrow, which will be the third time i have sat at home waiting on them to come out. for this one issue this time. I want them to take the inside freezer panel off and inspect to determine if the big crack goes all the way down the side and across the back wall, as it appears. It may be their contention that a large crack going down the side and around the back is normal and "cosmetic". That is not my opinion. I think a major company like Assurant or Frigidaire has to step up to the plate at some point, if the problem is beyond some "cosmetic" crack. I will keep you posted on the situation.

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