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FIXED LFX25991ST/02 LG Refrigerator All of Sudden Very Slow Water Dispenser

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Dec 28, 2021
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6-10 years
Jake was awesome helping us with our dishwasher and we are now dealing with the fridge. It is an LG French door fridge that is 9 years old. All of sudden the water pressure from the water dispenser is extremely slow.
It was never super fast and the ice maker works fine but this is noticeably all of sudden much slower. Based on reading previous posts on this forum, we have done the following:

1)Checked home water pressure coming into the fridge and it is working fine
2)Replaced the OEM water filter, water is still slow
3)Checked water pressure using the water filter bypass part that came with the fridge and water pressure is still very low coming out of the dispenser
4)Replaced the water inlet valve at bottom rear of refrigerator and no change in water flow at the dispenser

We appreciate any help or advice on what we can do next to troubleshoot or part we can replace to restore the dispenser water flow.
Thank you!

Corrected model number
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Take a photo of your model number tag please, nothing shows up for LFX2599ST1

I am so sorry, I messed it up. It should be LFX25991ST/02


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Yes, its usually the water inlet valve in the left refrigerator door that's the culprit.

This one is the water inlet valve in your left refrigerator door: Water Inlet Valve AJU74532703

This video shows you how to access it:

Let us know how it goes.

We replaced it this week based on previous posts here. We were hoping it would fix it but nothing changed. Water dispenser still does not come anywhere close to 8 oz in 8 minutes :(
That's odd, Did yours have the Isolation valve with the flow meter attached at the water inlet valve in the back of the machine?

Do what I mentioned to Bill here:

Isolation valve with the flow meter attached:
AJU72992601 Water Valve Assembly

AJU72992603 Valve Assembly,water

Hi Jake,
Okay, so first, I need to apologize because I completely misread your first post suggesting the part, AJU74532703. He had previously replaced the water inlet valve located in the back of the fridge where the water comes into the fridge based on posts I had read earlier. Clearly, I am not the one doing the "work." When he did what you suggested to isolate the exact point of the problem, it was the water valve assembly that you originally suggested.

He ordered the part,
AJU74532703, received it yesterday, replaced it in 5 minutes, and the water dispenser now works perfectly! Part looks a little different than the original since it has been redesigned but the new design works perfectly! Thank you so very much for you help!
Excellent, that solves the mystery.(y)

Thanks for coming back to update us!

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