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LFX31945ST/02 LG Fridge: fridge is not cold recently; freezer is OK, Front panel stopped working years ago.


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Mar 14, 2023
los angeles
Model Number
More than 10 years
Despite of the front control panel (next to the ice maker) being broken for about 10 years, my fridge has been working ok until 5 months ago. 5 months ago, It was getting colder in the fridge section and lots of water accumulation collected on the bottom of the vegetable trays more than often every month frequency. I suspected that may have something to do with the thermistor sensor? two weeks ago, the fridge stopped getting cold, and no more water accumulation under the vegetable trays. The freezer is however still working ok.
I did not feel any cold air coming up from the evaporator. I suspect it may have something to do with the evaporator fan motor stopped working?
Here are my questions:
1) can I just simply replace the evaporator fan motor and thermistor sensor without having to replace the front display panel for now? The fridge was working for about 10 years with the broken front panel. I suspected the fridge was working ok with the factory settings without relying on the front control panel ? The front panel electronics went bad from the ice maker leaking water into the front panel, I suspect. I saw an online post or two about people's front display panels were having the same problem caused by water leaking from ice maker.
2) can I test for the evaporator fan motor and thermistor sensor from the PCB board in the back of the refrigerator to see if they both are working or not before replacing them?
3) will the broken front control panel affect my test at the PCB board?I have a multimeter.
4) is it a simple task to replace the front panel? Do i need to reset the PCB board to accept a new front panel? The authorized tech had to reset the fridge to accept the new compressor which was replaced 6 years ago, he said.
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There is a evaporator fan motor for both the refrigerator and freezer sections.

Here's the service manual for your model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HzgNvfg0HjZN-pnZHtGrjFKgRpFW8LOm/view?usp=share_link Start reading at Page 47.

For the refrigerator one, you can verify voltage to it first, on the main control board, just to make sure. It should have 12 volts DC to it when it should be running.
(click to enlarge)

Here's the refrigerator fan motor your model:

Here's the video to access/change it:

Here's the main control board for your model:

Is this the front panel you are referring to?

Let us know what you find.
Thank you so much for your help ,Jake, Yes, the front panel or PCB display (next to the front ice dispenser of my lfx31945st02) has been broken from very early on in its life due to leakage of water from the ice dispenser above and inside the frdege into the back of the pcb display board
My questions are as followed,
1) will the replacement of the evaporator motor require repair of the front pcb display board first? or will the fan evaporator run by default using the factory settings?
2)will the evaporator fan motor work without the need of a working front pcb display board. My fridge was working the last 7 years with a broken pcb display board, ; it was working using the factory settings the last 7 years?
3) is the a way to check on the main pc board to see if the thermistor sensor is working?
4) How can I tell if the fan evaporator is running if the fridge is closed. will checking on the voltage on the PCB board tell me if it is working?
Thanks again
I have not worked on this model, so I can't answer those questions.

I provided all the information you need above for these problems your having, including the service manual.

Follow what the service manual says. I'm ONLY following what the service manual says too, when I posted all that information above too.

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