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LFXS29626S/01 LG Refrigerator dH error code - Is this amount of frost on the coils normal?


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Jun 22, 2022
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6-10 years
Hi guys,
I've been getting a dH error code on my fridge every few days that "indicates that the unit spent more than 1 hour trying to defrost".

I took the back panel off to check the heater element resistance and it reads about 38 ohms (not an open circuit) so I'm thinking the heating element is OK.

The attached photo shows what the evap coils looked like when I removed the cover. Is this a normal amount of frost that would accumulate before a defrost cycle comes on? I live in a very dry climate in Arizona.

Do you guys think my heating element is working OK and maybe it's only the Defrost Control Assembly that needs to be replaced? It looks to me like the Defrost Control Assembly is a temperature switch that tells the computer that the heater is working.

Thanks in advance for you help.



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Thanks Jake, I appreciate your help. And I especially appreciate the link to the service manual.

And for the record in case someone else reads this, the defrost control assembly you referenced above isn't actually the correct part, even though Appliance Parts Pros references it. I ordered that part a week ago and when it got here I realized it had the wrong connector. After 15 minutes on the phone with Wendee at APP she discovered their web site had the wrong part referenced. She said they would fix their web page and ship me the correct part.

The correct defrost control assembly for my model number fridge is this one (at least according to Wendee at APP):

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Thanks Marc for letting us know.:)


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