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LG DLE7100W - Dryer Won't Start Cycle but Timer Counts Down

Jul 24, 2021
Ottawa, ON
Model Number
1-5 years
I have a 2-yr old DLE7100W front load dryer that popped a tE1 error code a couple months ago all of a sudden. Was running a couple loads on a Saturday, pulled one load out and tried to start the next and got the error code. Did some due-diligence on google and ordered a new thermistor since it seemed like a relatively cheap first step.

That didn't work, so I replaced the wiring harness, which cleared the tE1 code but now the dryer won't kick on the cycle. I press the start button and you hear what I assume is the door sensor click in and some different lights flash depending on the cycle being attempted but nothing happens and the cycle doesn't start. However the timer counts down like the cycle is going. I assumed I had a bad/dirty connection somewhere so went back through and checked, cleaned and reset all the connections on the wiring harness but it still does the same thing with one "new" addition; if I leave it alone counting down for 15-20 minutes (ish) I start getting the no power nP code. I say "new" because I don't think I left it alone long enough to get to the nP code in previous attempts.

I'm assuming I have a bad connection, switch or sensor somewhere but not sure what my most likely culprits are.

I'm a carpenter / homebuilder and have been repairing my own cars and trucks my whole life (and I only buy cheap buckets of rust) so I generally can repair just about anything in my house given enough time and head scratching, but with waiting on parts and general life I'm about 6 weeks into this and about to get the 'buy a new one or else' ultimatum from my wife and I'd rather fix it than buy it.

Any help, advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated.