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LG DLEX3570W Dryer limited heat not drying, flowsense error codes d80, d90, d95


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May 23, 2021
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6-10 years
Hi I have a LG Dryer DLEX3570W which is about 6 years old

I am having issues with error code d80, d90, d95 and the dryer shutting off earlier and leaving clothes wet/damp. Below are the steps taken so far and really confused on what else I should test.

- cleaned the ductwork and checked inside the dryer for lint - all is clear.
- replaced moisture sensor
- ran dryer with ductwork connected - same issue
- ran LG diagnosist test - all fine
- tested a number of parts for continuity (high limit thermostat, thermostat, thermistor, thermal fuse) - all came back fine

Any thoughts on what else I can do? Is a continuity test an accurate way to test the above named parts or should I replace them?
Here's the parts diagram for your model:

- ran dryer with ductwork connected - same issue
Pull the dryer out from the wall and Run the dryer with the ductwork DISCONNECTED and see if it runs through a load normal. Open some windows in your laundry room, because it will get hot in your laundry room with the exhaust hose disconnected from the back of your dryer when running a load.

Hey Jake

I had a typo in my initial post, I’ve tried running with the ductwork “disconnected” and have the same issue.

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Ok, got it!

Now do a load on TIMED DRY set at 70 minutes only and see how it does, with the ductwork “disconnected”.

Same issue with a timed load and ductwork disconnected.

what I did notice is that I get a d85,90 or 95 error and damp clothes especially when drying on high heat.
Ok, I did some research and found a few other members were having this same problem. I have not been on a LG Dryer service in my area with this problem, so I don't know what is causing it if there is NO BLOCKAGE.

Look at these threads:

At this point its best to contact LG at 800-243-0000 to come out and see why this is happening.

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