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LG DLG2524W gas dryer doesn't heat


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Nov 22, 2006
We have an LG GLD2524W gas dryer that's 2-3 years old. Yesterday it wasn't getting very hot and today it's not hot at all. I've checked the vent and unplugged the machine for a while to reset any electronics, but it's still cool. When it's running, the "cooling" light at the top is on and the "drying" light blinks. We've never paid attention to these, so we're not sure if this is normal.

What can I do to get this working again.


Appliance Tech 2

Appliance Tech 2
Apr 8, 2008
West Coast USA
There is a possibility the glow igniter is either burned out (not glowing) or the igniter isn't glowing hot enough (bright glowing white/yellow color) to allow the gas valve to open.

If the igniter is a few years old, the above is the likely cause for the problem. The igniter is very likely glowing to weak. Weak meaning not HOT enough to ignite gas. To fix the problem, replace the existing glow igniter.

May be a burned out solenoid. 2 of them on top of the gas valve. You may need to replace them, if the igniter glows hot.

If you're going to ask me to post a link or two to sites where parts can be bought, I have no web site links to include in this post where igniter's can be purchased on line. Nor do I have a site to sell from....:(

Would gladly include some links to pictures, parts and where to buy, if I had any site that sells parts to refer you to. I do not. Would gladly include some if they are approved by this site and some compensations where provided to me....:D

Buy any parts needed locally at a retail appliances parts store if one is near you....:)


Nov 26, 2010
Same thing

I have the same issues with the same exact dryer but it does get a little warm and takes hours to dry completely. Same blinking cooling light and since new this machine has never really heated up to a high temp? What was your fix to it or did you throw it off a cliff like I'm thinking of doing? Any help would be appreciated.