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LG DLGX9001V dryer not heating, getting error code D80 when installation test is ran even with no hose attached


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Feb 3, 2022
Model Number
1-5 years
Hello. We moved into a new home 7 months ago and have been having problems with this gas dryer ever since. I am not sure how old the dryer is, but assume it is less than five years old. The dryer normally does not have heat and takes multiple cycles to dry, though occasionally and inexplicably, it will heat up and dry the load as it is supposed to. On occasion there is a faint smell of gas. I have had two different service techs come out and check the dryer on three different occasions with no luck in fixing the problem so far. The first guy replaced the gas valve assembly.

I took it apart recently and replaced the thermistor, the high limit thermostat, and the blower thermostat. After I replaced those parts, I turned the machine on and it worked fine for a few minutes before again losing heat. I took the machine apart and did a continuity test on the flame sensor and it seems to be ok, I checked the ignitor and the second thermostat on the bottom of the shielding that surrounds the ignitor and they seemed to be ok as well. I have checked the duct work for blockages and have shortened it appropriately, no blockages.

I have checked the duct inside of the house and the flapper vent and it is clear as well. I ran a installation test and I get the code of D80 indicating an 80% blockage, even with duct removed from the back of the machine. Last night when I took the machine apart to check the flame sensor and the ignitor, I noticed that the high limit thermostat that I replaced was tripped. I pressed the button to reset it, put the machine back together and started it and it heated up for maybe 20 seconds before (I assume) it tripped again and once again, no heat. Someone please help me! I've spent probably over $300 dollars on service calls and parts trying to fix this thing.

Unfortunately we are not going to know the cause of this problem, look here:

Hopefully a LG tech that knows these dryers "inside and out" can shed some light on this issue for you.

Thanks for the reply. It seems that everyone that runs into these issues with the dryer either buys a new one or doesn't post how they fixed it.
That about sums it up, yes.


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