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LG Double Oven (LDG4313ST) F9-Igniter Issue


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Jan 28, 2023
Nevada city, CA
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More than 10 years
Started getting an F9 error. I pulled out my multimeter and started checking continuity. Came to the conclusion that I had a bad oven igniter.
I just replaced the igniter. I put a multimeter to the old one and I wasn’t getting continuity. Purchase a new one. Had continuity. Installed it. It fired up. Started heating. I saw the glow which was not happening prior to the new install. The oven got to about 265°, heard some beeps, and then it blew the main breaker. I reset the breaker, waited for oven to cool down. Now the igniter has failed and I am no longer getting continuity. Getting an F9 error nice again.

What caused the breaker to trip and destroyed the new igniter. What can be the issue? What is the next thing to check?
Where are you getting the oven glow bar igniters at? That does make a difference, aftermarket ignitors from amazon and ebay will not hold up properly compared to OEM ones.

Rick helped another member here with that issue:
Do the AMP test he mentioned to do and see how many amps its pulling.

Here's the OEM BAKE glow bar igniter for your model:
MEE61841401 Ignitor
Here’s a couple of photos of the aftermarket igniter having malfunctioned.


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Yes, get the OEM one I posted above and you should be back in business.

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