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LG Dryer Model DLE7100W - No Heat

Kurt C

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May 9, 2021
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I responded to an old thread (FIXED) hoping to continue on the conversation but, decided to make a new post just in case "FIXED" threads aren't checked. Sorry, I'm new to this stuff.

Does anyone happen to know where I might be able to find a wiring diagram for this model dryer (DLE7100W)?

Now, months later after having the issue with the dryer randomly shutting down, a whole new symptom has presented itself.

They dryer will run in a manner that "seems" normal but it will not produce heat. The ducting is clear and, it's producing air flow - as witnessed from the back at the exhaust port. I removed the front panel and bypassed the door switch so that I could run the dryer and check VAC reading at the heating element wires. There are three there. A red, a blue and, a yellow.

With the dryer running I am reading 120VAC +/- 2.0 - 4.0VAC when measured with my positive multimeter lead contacting the terminal of each wire while it is connected to the heating element and, with my negative multimeter lead clamped to (ground) the metal enclosure the heating element is mounted inside of.

I disconnected the wires that connect to the heating element and measured continuity across the heating element terminals. I found that between the BLUE and the YELLOW terminals there is 40 ohms of resistance. Between the RED terminal and each of the other two terminals there is 20 ohms of resistance. Does that sound right?

I then reconnected the three wires to the heating element and snapped a photo for reference. I have attached it to this entry.

There are two "thermostat" type switches mounted to the heating element enclosure. The appear to me to be some type of heat sensing safety switches which I assume played a role in the issue I had previously with this dryer. Looking at the wire leading to them, a RED wire from the main harness connect to the rear most mounted switch (when observing from the front of the unit). The RED wire is connected to the switch and begins a series circuit in which, a WHITE wire then connects the opposite terminal of the rear most switch to the input terminal of the forward most switch. The forward most switch then has a RED wire connected to its opposite terminal which then leads to the heating element.

Because that RED wire terminal reads 120VAC at the heating element while the unit is operating, I'm assuming the two switches are working appropriately but, I'm no expert on the matter so please let me know if I'm mistaken.

(UPDATE): I also ran the unit and checked for power at both the BLUE and YELLOW wire, while they were disconnected form the element. Both measured 120VAC +/- 2.0-3.0VAC. Considering it's connected to 240VAC I figured that's right but, again, I'm not totally sure I know what anything about this stuff so please correct me if I'm mistaken.

I attached another photo to this entry which details the wire configuration I described above in a little better detail.

Does anyone have any suggestions where to go from here? Any help ya'll can provide is greatly appreciated.


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Aug 24, 2004
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I would need to tech. data sheet/wiring diagram to help you Kurt, without that I'm working blind.

Hopefully another tech. or member that has it can upload it here for you.