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LG Electric oven not heating. F7 error code


Jun 9, 2015
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1-5 years
Hello everyone,

My problem:
A few days ago I turn on the oven to 425 but it only heats up to about 240. I tried turning it off and then on again... Same issue, but while I was trying to figure out what I could try next it suddenly decided to heat right up to 425.
Next day I try turning it on and it just sat there at 100 and eventually gave me a F7 error code. This is with both the bake and broil elements.

I started looking around online and found this site and see that people are able to diagnose and fix some of these issues themselves so I figure why not me too :)

Didn't own a multimeter before but it sounds like a useful tool to have, so I went out and grabbed one. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with it.

Easiest thing to test is the continuity of the of the broil and bake elements themselves, which I did and they seem fine. This didn't surprised me since neither the bake or broil elements are working, and I'm guessing that the odds of them both going out at the exact same time are slim, so it's likely something else.

So that's all I've done so far.

Next thing I think I'm supposed to test is the temperature sensor that's up in the top right corner inside the stove. Looks like I just have to unscrew it and disconnect a wire to remove it. Then I just need to test the resistance with the probes and it should read around 1100 if it's working properly. Does that sound correct to everyone?

I'm pretty sure I have that step correct, but I'm not sure what or how I should test what's next...

The manual I'm looking at says to test the continuity of the Control(PCB). Not sure which board on the back of the stove is the Control. I'm attaching a couple images that show what's behind my stove, but I have no idea which one to test, and I don't know how to test these for continuance.

I'm also attaching a photo of a schematic that is included in my service manual. I don't know how to read these, so no idea if they would help.

Thanks for any help provided! The parts don't seem all that expensive, so I could probably order a couple things and cross my fingers that one of them fixes the problem, but I'd love to actually understand some of these steps.


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Aug 24, 2004
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The Control PCB board is the photo to your far right above, the middle photo is the Relay Board.

If the oven sensor ohm tests good, then its possibly the oven control PCB board:
EBR74632605 Pcb Assy