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LG Gas Range LRG3081BD Oven not maintaining temp


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Nov 29, 2021
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1-5 years
So my stove hasnt been maintining temp for quite some time, 1.5yrs at least 😖, but have just learned to live with it. I will set it for 350 for example and sometimes it will get there soemtimes i get an F-09 error in which ill restart the bake, sometimes i turn on the gas burner and it seems to help kick it on, this may just be coincidence I'm not sure. I have a digital thermometer and once it finally starts to go up in temperature itll usually far surpass the set set, often up into the 500s. Itll then come down well below the set temp and never maintain what it was originally set to. Ill have to start the bake cycle again or turn a burner on when i see the temp drop to low below the set temp to get it to go back up and then the cycle starts all over again. To note when i turn a burner on i can often hear the oven kick on. Any idea what part/parts need to be replaced. I cant stand this any more!! Thanks so much!!
Try this: Press the clear key then press the bake and broil keys at the same time for 1 second. If there's a fail code it will look like: F- 01 and the number of times it occurs 00 00, and alternate every two seconds. If there's no fail codes the display will look like: -- -- Press the clear key. If there are no fail codes replace the ERC:
F09 is a bake error and it has occured 5 times. Check the oven sensor for 1050 to 1100 Ω at room temperature. Measure each pin to ground (Infinite ohms or Open) If the sensor checks good replace the main control.
Hello, I am having the exact same issue with same model LG range. Reading this thread, I went ahead and replaced the oven sensor mentioned above but no luck. I can watch the oven ignitor glow, but it seems the main burner gas does not come on unless I ignite a stove top burner. Curious any other suggestions or what the next step should be? Thanks in advance!
I'm not the expert but I did comment a few messages ago sharing my (same as original poster) issue, which is now resolved. I had tried replacing the control board, relay board, and thermistor, but what ultimately fixed the issue for me was replacing the igniter. I decided to try and replace that part because when I turned on the oven, there was a 90+ second delay between the orange light coming on and hearing the igniter actually click.

MEE61841401 Ignitor

I appreciate the input! I found some amp draw readings for the ignitor and plan on testing it later. Hopefully that is the problem, definitely an odd issue for a newer oven…
Here's how to test igniter amps. The igniter needs to draw 3.2 to 3.6 amps to open the safety valve.
C-Igniter Amps.jpg

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