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LG GR-S552GT - tripping mains safety switch extent of repair/damage?


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Jan 25, 2012
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Hi from Brisbane, Australia :D


I have a LG GR-S552GT fridge/freezer which seems to have been taken out by the recent storms/lightning in the area over the past few days. Was getting power outages with main power box's safety switch being triggered a few times over the past few days but the safety switch would turn back on after a while.

Then today safety switch was permanently off, so had to hunt for the appliance that was damaged and it ended up being the LG fridge. Seems the mains wall socket switch is proper fried and the on/off switch is completely loose and the Belkin surge cube that the LG fridge was connected to has one of it's prongs with green sticky residue on it - same with the LG fridge's power plug's prong as well.


Whenever, I plug the LG fridge into another wall socket it will trigger off the safety switch, so pretty sure it's the problem.


My question is it worth fixing if I don't have the electrical or technical know how and need to pay a professional to repair it ? Or should I just buy a new fridge ? Anyone got a rough idea of what would need replacing/fixing ?

The fridge is over a decade old, but cost me AUD$2k back then and feels like a shame to just throw away if it can be fixed :)

below is model and specs and photo of the fridge



lg_fridge_00.jpg lg-gr-s552gt_pic.jpg
Hi George, two things here. The first and most important is we don't have access to any information on models not made for the USA. Your best bet would be to find a repair forum in your area. The second is the LG brand. For what it's worth, the consensus among service techs here is, LG is the worst with Samsung a close second. Whether or not that also goes for machines made for other countries, I don't know. Some appliance repair companies here refuse to work on them.
cheers Rick thanks for your input :)

Guess need to find a local source of help cheers

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