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LG LFCC22426S Fridge too Warm, but Freezer Cold


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May 7, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
I have a LG LFCC22426S.

It's a little over a year old - plenty of space around the fridge physically, and not overloaded. It's been emptied and thawed and tested again.

The Fridge is too Warm around 42 degrees (but set at 33), the Freezer works great - Cold and set at -4.

No error codes in test mode.

The evap fan runs/blows in test mode, and I can feel the cold air blowing from the damper in the fridge. But the fan never runs otherwise in normal operation.

I get 14.7k ohms when I test CON7 15th pin ~ 18th pin at 68 degrees in the fridge. The repair manual says it should be 13k ohms at that temp.

Is there a fridge temperature sensor to replace?
The only temp sensor part I could find was the LG 6500JB2002X that lives in the freezer.

Or maybe I'm missing something or made an assumption.

Any help or points are much appreciated.


I couldn't locate the service manual for this model, the problem is usually the refrigerator temp. sensor.

The only sensor I see on this model is the freezer temp. sensor:
Temperature Sensor 6500JB2002X

I don't know if it controls the refrigerator section as well.

Hopefully another tech. or member that's seen and fixed this problem can shed some light on it for us.
I found the service manual here:

On page 71 they have a chart for fridge and defrost sensor readings, which are different than the freezer sensor readings.

So is there a different part for the refrigerator sensor, or does the freezer sensor somehow do double duty?

But I’m not sure if there’s a part number for the Refridge and defrost sensor, and if perhaps, that’s the issue.

On page 26 and 27 it does show how to test the refrigerator sensor, but you are right, I don't see it listed as a separate part, it's possibly integrated into the multi duct assembly in the refrigerator section.

Here's the multi-duct assembly for your model: Duct Assembly,multi ADJ74812521

Look on Page 9 it shows you how to remove the multi-duct 3-8 Multi Duct
I tried replacing

Temperature Sensor 6500JB2002X

But it didn’t fix the problem.

Any idea of how to know if the multi duct has the refrigerator sensor or not?
Or if the multi duct is even the issue?

Any idea of how to know if the multi duct has the refrigerator sensor or not?
Or if the multi duct is even the issue?
You'd need to remove the multi duct and look behind it to see if there is a temperature sensor there.
I just replaced the EVAP fan motor in my fridge. Same model. It was loud, but it was running. No error codes. It seems to be working normally now.

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