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LG LFX21980ST Refrigerator - Dual Water Valve terminals into single water valve solenoid


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Dec 17, 2021
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I purchased a new water valve for my LG LFX21980ST. The old valve was 2 solenoids into a single water outlet (leading to the filter, where post-filter the line splits to water/ice). The new valve is a single solenoid with a single outlet, which works great for water but the ice maker is not getting water.

I tested the terminals from both harnesses on the old solenoid, and it looks like 1 terminal set was for water, 1 terminal set was for ice. So the fact I only have 1 plugged in now (due to the single solenoid terminals to connect it to) leads to only activating the solenoid for 1 of the functions.

I did test for 120v on both of these harnesses and found the red one is the water, the blue one is the ice maker, and both properly activate 120v when triggerd.

Is there a safe and appropriate way I can splice these together so both harnesses control the single solenoid? Is it as simple as splice the blues & splice the red+purple, and only leave 1 resistor box?


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Ok, so which water inlet valve did you order?

The one at the back where the water line attaches is (part#AJU72992601)

The duel one inside the door is (part # MJX41869202) which feeds the water dispenser and the ice maker.

I ordered the one for the back of the fridge, where the house waterline connects. Using the diagram here, https://www.searspartsdirect.com/mo...0st-01-bottom-mount-refrigerator-parts?page=2, I ordered part 619a, which was this:
In the picture it actually shows a harness with the 2 plugs wired together, which magically that harnses didn't actually come with the part. I've already chatted with them and they claim it's replaced by a single-connector part, which based on my above findings is incorrect from what I can tell due to the 120v coming off 2 different lines.

Reading some reviews/other forums, it appears this is a common thing due to the newer replacement parts only having the single terminals; No one that I could find who said they spliced them actually said what they did (and the photo on Sears is just-messy-enough to not be able to tell the wiring).
The part I need is Section 6, part 619A: The rear water valve, not the valve in the door (619B). The part ordered does supposedly match, and works fine minus a spot for the ice-maker terminals (which the harness in the image would have handled, had it came with it like the photo suggested):
Ok, its not compatible for the back one.
Screenshot 2021-12-17 15.56.20.png
Looking at Repair Clinic, it looks like there's actually 2 different compatible/fitting rear valves; the style from your site, and the style I purchased from Sears's part site. Both are marked as compatible, so there seems to be a lot of confusion/possibilities of what fits and what's compatible:



Your style comes with a flow valve, which I don't need or currently have (which the product even mentions to remove it if needed); hence why I ordered the one I did: No flow valve to mess with.

So it all takes us back to the original question: Does anyone have the wiring diagram to connect both plugs into the single solenoid? Looking at the one from your site, it does the same thing: connects the 2 plugs into a single solenoid. However there's a better angle to the photo, so I guess that's my wiring answer.


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Ok, I see what you mean now.

Thanks for clarifying that.(y)


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