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FIXED LG LFX28968ST not cooling, where's my class action lawsuit?


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Jun 3, 2011
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6-10 years
8 years old, has served us well, ice maker jams frequently (needs to be taken out, shaken up and put back in) but overall a good functional unit.
Till yesterday. I opened up the back, no LED blinks, tested the Run Capacitor (showing 18uf on the multimeter) while hoping for an easy fix, the lights work, the air blower is working (blowing air that should be colder), no errors on the display board, water still dispenses and so on. Put my hand on the compressor, it's running alright but it's room temps (so the motor is running but not in gear, i.e. doesn't seem to be making pressure). I didn't proceed further than that. Called LG, they said to call any of the 5 approved techs in my area, that the compressor is under warranty. Out of curiosity I asked her how much is labor on these things btw, she said $60. I knew I was talking to an idiot and tgtbt.

I called three places and basically got similar responses and here are my thoughts:

1. No one wants to work on these units for less than $1000 in pay day. In credit to the industry, two guys I spoke with basically told me that "I could come out, charge you $100 and tell you it's $1000 or I am telling you this on the telephone to not waste your time". What helps here is that these guys prefer not to go through the hassle in dealing with LG. They have to buy the part from LG and it's on them to prove to LG that I have the receipts, etc. and rarely it's just the compressor which means guys like me get ticked off at them and leave bad reviews
2. LG only covers the compressor but it sometimes requires a new motherboard (if it doesn't, you're either taking a chance with a firmware update or the guy will blame it on that anyway). The motherboard is not covered and neither is the evap and of course not labor (which is >$60). I am told this has a single evap so now I'm approaching the cost of the original new unit.

I am thoroughly disappointed in LG. This warranty is total BS and in name only. If a lawyer is reading this, go sue these guys, keep the 80% from the lawsuit for your "contributions to society" and send me $144 remaining so I can put this towards a new refrigerator. Goodbye LG.

P.S. I did order a returnable capacitor, here's to "hope". Will know on Monday when I receive it.


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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Wonderful, we are certainly glad to hear a good news story from LG once in awhile.(y)

Thanks for the update!