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LG LMXS30746S both freezer & fridge warm both fans appear to not be running


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Jun 5, 2020
Model Number
6-10 years
This is one of the LG LEMONS.
Been repaired for various issues w/ 6-8 service calls - from the inside case being warped/shelves not fitting (LG replaced the fridge after a year); Reefer evap leaked, bad compressor (replaced), leak in sealed system, etc, etc.

Now the:
Reefer compartment is warm, about 45-47F.
Freezer drawer is warmer/melting up front, the rear seems colder and holding a freeze.
Not making ice.
Chill drawer is a little warm, 40F - set on 37.

There are NO error codes on the panel.

No icing or frost to speak of in either R compartment or F drawer; no leaks in either door seal that I can see.
I can't tell w/ the doors open but it appears that neither fan is coming on.
Ice Plus + Freezer buttons = no codes displayed
In test modes the panel displays =
1) 88 88
2) 22 22
3) 33 33 -- all seems normal
Test mode 1 = both fans run; no noise or blockage whatsoever.

I previously:
- Replaced the R evap fan 2-3 yrs back
- Replaced the condenser fan 2-3 yrs back (what a bee-itch to R & R that one -- (it is NOT where the manual shows it located!!)
- Cleaned and fixed the F evap drain line 1-yr back - so it doesn't freeze up and freezer pee on the floor (a different thread on here.)
- Fixed the RH side F drawer slide 1-yr back (a different thread on here.)

I'm pretty good at testing and R&R components but am at a loss what/where to check because the manual steps are such that if there are error codes, which there are NONE.
Seems odd that both fans are out, which says to me that it's NOT a fan component issue. Maybe a bad main board? Sensor (TWO of them?? Nah, likely not.)

HELP! Thx, Ken


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Jun 5, 2020
PS - The reefer air filter light is on - would that be symptomatic of that fan not running ("reduced" airflow)? I'd ass/u/me there is a sensor up there?
I replaced it a few weeks ago so it's not time yet.


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Aug 24, 2004
Vicksburg Junction, Arizona
I believe on these models the fans will not start running until the evaporator coil is frosty.

Take a look at the frost pattern on your evaporator coils.

Look at the last photo below, where it says NORMAL FROST PATTERN.

Frost Patterns.jpg
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