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LG LMXS30776S Ice Maker not filling with water when door is closed


Aug 12, 2020
Burke, VA
Model Number
1-5 years
I have an LG french door refrigerator LMXS30776S. I have been having an issue with an ice maker since February of this year when it stopped filling the ice tray with water. I have replaced the ice maker, inlet valve solenoid (back bottom of the fridge where water line enters the fridge), main PCB board, ice maker fan and freezer thermostat - nothing helped or worked to fix the issue.
Just recently I have noticed that when I press the reset bottom on the ice maker (bottom left from the ice tray), the tray makes the complete flip cycle, returns to horizontal position and water does come out and fills the tray with no problem. Here is the catch, it only fills the tray if the fridge door (left door) is open about half way or more. If I reset the ice maker and immediately close the door or bring the door to lees than half way open point, the water will not dispense. It tells me that the position of the door has something to do with the fact that water does not dispense to fill the tray (I did check the line under the hinge and there are no kinks or other issues).
I tried removing/ setting aside the magnetic door switch from under the hinge cover (keeping it connected) and then resetting the ice maker and shutting the door immediately (with the switch sitting aside it should act as if the fridge was open) to see if the ice maker would fill, but it did not.
Is there another door switch or door positioning sensor somewhere else? What could be the problem? Bad door switch or some sort of sensor? Keep in mind that the water dispenser itself works as designed (no issues).