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FIXED LG LRE3083ST/1 not heating. Elements not getting power


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Apr 10, 2018
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6-10 years
Long post, bring a sandwich.

A month or so ago my wife and I noticed a melting plastic smell in our kitchen. A couple days after that my wife sent me at message at work (I'm in Automation Maintenance) and told me that the oven wouldn't heat and that she was getting an F9 no heat error. I told her to try out the broil function and she confirmed that was coming on. Confident me diagnosed it sight unseen as a bad heating element and ordered one from work. She later contacted me again to tell me that she had decided to make some garlic bread in the oven with only the broil function and that it worked for a while and then quit heating. That morning when I got home I pulled out the bake element which was absolutely perfect but I continuity tested it anyway. It's fine. For giggles I did the broil element and convection element as well which are also fine.

Kicking it up a notch I tested both the thermal fuse (fine) and the temperature sensor (correct resistance). Upon closer inspection I thought I found my smoking gun as one of the relays on the control board was melting and the wire was burned. Being a cheap ass, my first repair attempt was to just desolder and replace the relay. $7 is better than $90 right? I cut back the burned wire section and put on a new flag terminal. Well, when reinstalling the board I still had the same issue. I also noticed that the relay wasn't tripping. I assumed at first that there was a bad relay but it bench tested fine when I took it back off the pcb. I figured out that this was because of a diode on the pcb which connects both sides of the relay coil. The diode had failed and was allowing the pilot current to bypass the relay coil. Easter was looming and I love me some ham so I gave it one last ditch attempt and pulled the diode off the broil circuit which we weren't planning to absolutely need for Sunday dinner and moved that over to the relay that was having issues. Reinstalled the board and no joy. Took a look at the envelope schematic and troubleshooting guide and it also pointed to the relay control board.

I hypothesized that maybe there were other components on the board that had failed and defeatedly ordered the full part. I ordered EBR74164805 but the supplier instead delivered EBR74164804 to me on Good Friday. This appears to be the board for the non convection oven and was close but no cigar. Crock pot ham was in my future.

Finally the correct part arrived yesterday and this morning I installed it. I'm still getting the same no heat condition and none of the 3 elements are getting power. The troubleshooting document suggested that it could also be the main PCB if the control board didn't fix it but it seems unlikely to me that I would have a toasted relay on the control board and the main PCB failing simultaneously. I'm not fully inclined to believe that the main PCB would've been the causation for the relay staying on as then it seems like the oven should still fire up but not shut off until the new control board melts the relay.

Any help is appreciated.


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Feb 18, 2019
Hi, I want to ask whether you have had any success with this issue?
I have the same oven (LG LWS3081ST) with the same problem. Namely, on Bake, it never reaches the set temperature. It stays on Pre-Heat, only reaching about 80% of the set temperature, and then it usually drops 100 degrees or so.

The Broil element clearly is working for regular broiling and for pre-heating on Bake, but it appears that the bottom/hidden Bake element is not heating up at all.

I have replaced the thermistor, relay board, and control board, and I have tested the resistance of the thermostat, broil element, and the bake element. Resistance is normal in all of those. (The convection element tests dead/open, but I don't think that matters for the regular Bake mode.) Also I tested two fuses and they seem fine.

Any advice much appreciated!


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Oct 31, 2020
I just purchased a used LRE3083ST with the known issue of no oven heating. I didn’t get any manuals with it. Broil doesn’t work and no preheat. Does this sound similar to what you had? Do you have any advice on what to check or do you think it’s the control board you needed to replace? Thank you.