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LG LSB5611SB Oven and Range display malfunctioning


Sep 9, 2017
Model Number
6-10 years
Good afternoon,

I recently purchased my home, and the stove that came with the place was immediately exhibiting problems. The previous owners attempted to fix it (in the most lackadaisical manner possible), but ended up insulting the only authorized LG repairman in our area, so now the burden has fallen unto me. I have attached the service manual for a very similar model as a reference (unable to find our model online). I work as an engineer in a chemical plant, and my days often involve troubleshooting industrial instrumentation, so this activity is not outside of my comfort zone.

The Problem:
The stove main display "lights up" all of the available options, making the screen almost unreadable. Additionally, the range display does not display the power levels correctly. I followed the troubleshooting guide in the attached service manual, but several differences in my model compared to the service manual model (primarily the difference in the Secondary power transformer harness arrangement) have made me feel unsure about the end result. Long story short, the troubleshooting guide has led me to believe that the transformer is shot and needs to be replaced.

Does anyone have a copy of the LG LSB5611SB service manual they could pass along (link to product page: lg.com/ca_en/support/support-product/lg-LSB5611SB If not, I would greatly appreciate any assistance troubleshooting this matter. Please see below for more information regarding how I came to the conclusion of a damaged transformer.

Thank you!


Starting on page 6-1, I followed the troubleshooting guide to page 6-3 (display is not blank, stove makes beeps when pressed). I then found 122 VAC at the power inlet (although the power on my machine is connector C2, not C3). After disconnecting the power, I checked the transformer connections. This is also different, as the secondary side has three pairs (red, yellow, green) and a lone wire (blue) coming from it (feeding into a 7 slot harness) instead of simply two pairs. Now, the yellow pair fails the resistance check with 4.5 Ohms, but I cannot conclude if that is actually the root cause simply based on colour alone.

Any help is appreciated :)


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