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LG model LRE3083ST electric range top both eyes come on when selecting rear element


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Mar 21, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
My mother has an LG model LRE3083ST range we bought back in 2013. The left from eye started intermittently not working but now progressed into more issues. The left front eye does not work at all now but when we turn on the left rear both the rear and front eyes come on. Occasionally we have walked in and the front eye has turned on by itself. We have reseted all the connections on the eye and circuits but still doing the same.
Here's another member with a similar problem:
Try what Rick mentioned here first:
Turn the power off and try reseating the keytail into the control board.
EBR77562705 Pcb Assembly, Main
I’ve unplugged and reseated every board on the back in hopes it was just a loose connection but still doing the same.
Had a similar issue with my LRE3061 and replacing the main board did the trick. Found a used one on eBay for $100

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