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LG oven temp issue


Aug 30, 2022
Model Number
More than 10 years
Hello, I have an LG FG4331ES. The issue I'm having is it won't accurately read the temp. It'll come on and start tracking the temp as it rises but then goes way off. It will only go up 10 degrees when the oven has gone up 100 degrees. I tried calibration to no success.
This is the second time this has happened. My temp probe is reading at 1070OHMs which is correct (both at the probe connector then again at the board connector) I previously replaced both this probe(even though it was in the correct ohms range) and the pcb board that it plugs into. This worked for about 6 months now I have the same issue.
If I turn the oven off then back on it will read the accurate temperature, until it starts to rise again. Then I get incorrect reasons.
My igniter is reading at 360 ohms and the manual says 40-400 is in range.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Dan O.

Appliance Tech
Staff member
Oct 9, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Model Number: FG4331ES

I don't know what that number is but I don't think it's a model number. It looks like part of a factory number. Can you post a photo of the appliance's actual model and serial number tag?

Z5b5 said:
My temp probe is reading at 1070 OHMs which is correct (both at the probe connector then again at the board connector)

How about when the malfunction is actually occurring? Just because the sensor is reading correctly at room temperature doesn't necessarily mean it is consistent at other temperatures. If the sensor isn't the problem I can only assume some part of the electronic control is malfunctioning intermittently.

I would suggest testing it when it is reading the correct temperature and again when displaying the incorrect temperature before replacing the electronic control.


Dan O.
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