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FIXED LG Range LDE3037ST Top Broiler not working


Premium Member
Apr 21, 2023
PG, BC, Canada
Model Number
6-10 years
Double range
Top broiler won't work.
It will still heat as an oven.
Bottom range broiler, oven, and convection work.

Elements are two seperate ones, I feel it's highly unlikely that both died at once.

Probably a relay board, but I'm having a hard time figuring out which one.
I've already replaced one board for a top burner issue a year ago. I'm assuming they're seperate boards.
Here's another person that had this same problem on your exact same model number:

Did you ohm test the upper oven broil element first? Make sure you disconnect power to the range first!

This video shows you how:

If your broil element ohms good, then the oven relay board for your model is this one: EBR64624601
I read through that post already. It's too bad there isn't an update from them.
I did get the service manual through the site they recommended.
Im testing the elements today, but honestly for two of them to go at the same time doesn't feel likely.
Thanks for the board part #!
I was struggling finding that
Ohm test on broiler showed no issues.

Took some time to get the Oven Relay PCB by mail.
$240 cdn

Easy installation thanks to the other post having the link to the service manual.

Working broiler is back!

Thanks everyone.
Excellent, glad to hear the new Oven Relay board fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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