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LG Range LDG4315ST Oven Racks Different Temperatures


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Jun 12, 2022
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1-5 years
When preheating the bottom oven, the oven registers as preheated way too early. When set to 350 (325 convection), the bottom rack is around 230 and the top rack is around 250 racks when the oven chimes that it is preheated. Today I put a thermal probe next to the thermistor and sure enough up in that corner is it registering 340. With the fan on, I don't understand why I would be getting a 110 degree variation from the top of the oven to the bottom rack. I have verified that the convection fan is turning on, although I have no idea whether it is running at the right speed.

The oven does eventually get up to temperature about 15 minutes after it claims it is preheated, but since it thinks it is preheated, you can see it just slowly cycle its way up.

The two screenshots attached are from when it supposedly finished preheating, and then from after it had reached a stabpe temperature for a while (with crosshairs on the time it claimed to be preheated).

Has anybody else experienced something like this?


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I have no comment on your problems......sorry!

With the fan on

Just wanted to mention that you cannot test the oven temp with the convection fan on....never ever.

jeff sr.
Hmmm...I'm confused. Are you saying that I shouldn't because its not accurate or that I physically can't? I just had 6 thermocouples in there with the door closed.
Are you saying that I shouldn't because its not accurate or that I physically can't?

Not accurate.

Moving air always feels and is cooler.

When testing oven temp natural air movement is normal. Air is introduced in through the bottom of the door....air goes through the oven and out the top vent.
A mass (folded up tin foil) is best to do oven temp testing.

jeff sr

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