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FIXED LG Range LRE30453ST Oven will only heat to 325*-No Error Code-Broiler Element seems to still work


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Jan 22, 2023
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More than 10 years
LG Electric Oven is not heating to the set temperature and seems to stop at 325*. Convection feature does seem to heat to a higher setting but takes 30 minutes to preheat. Main Board was just replaced a year ago. I am not getting any error codes and the broiler element seems to still work fine. Does this point to the temperature sensor being bad? Any videos to show how this can be done? I will not pay the money to replace the main board but instead buy new range.
Yes, I'd first disconnect power to the range and remove the oven sensor and ohm test it.

Normal for the oven sensor would be 1050 to 1100 ohms at room temperature.

Here's the oven sensor for your model(Video included in part link to remove and replace it):
EBG61305805 Thermistor, Ptc

Watch this video to ohm test it:

Question... other similar posts indicated that the the oven relay board would need replacing. How would you know if it's the Sensor or Relay that's bad? Would that be a seperate relay board than the main board that I just replaced?
The oven sensor is separate from the relay board.

Rick explains how to test the relay board here:
You model uses that exact same relay board.
I have a somewhat similar issue. I have an LG electric (RF1032BS.FSTLLGA) and I don't have power at the control board (bake and bake, yellow and black) but I've replaced both the power control board and the main control board and the temp sensor but I have the same problem. It doesn't get to temp fast enough, if at all, and not staying at temp. I believe it is because the lower element isn't getting power (the ohms are right at the element). I'm open to suggestions but it seem like it is either the power control or main board. Is there something to check on the plug from the main board to the power control board to see which is the issue? Any suggestions on what to do/check next?

Oven Relay PCB

Did you follow exactly what Rick said to do here?
I got you covered this time but learn how to use your meter. It comes in handy for a lot of things. DC Volts is voltage from a battery. Electronic symbol=
AC Volts is the voltage in your home. Electronic symbol=

Turn your meter one click clockwise to 750V. When measuring VAC, red and black doesn't matter. Take the back panel off so you can access the relay board and plug in the range . Set it to bake, any temperature.
LG Range.jpg

Touch one meter lead to BAKE and touch the other to L2 then BAKE. Your meter should indicate 220 VAC for both measurements.
LG relay board.jpg
Thanks for the response. Yes, I believe so. I set the oven on bake at 350 and I got 0 VAC between Bake and Bake and 0 between Bake and L2. I changed out the relay PCB but nothing changed. The tech manual flowchart on the back of the stove said the main PCB was next so I changed it. Still same problem. So I thought I must have missed the temp sensor, even though it read the right ohms so I changed it. Still same issue. I'm wondering if I got a bad replacement board so I'm trying to determine if there is anything to check between them, on the connection. But I'll take any suggestion.
On, how about on BROIL, when you have BROIL ON? Do you get 220 or 240 volts?
Then the relay board you got is possibly defective.

Here's the service manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ADkdzzclHBiydLLzbEyXpI855Ae-a-_R/view?usp=share_link

To verify that look on page 63(9-1) The red wire from the main control board goes to the relay board when in turn goes to both the BAKE and BROIL relay's. Then the black wire goes to the DLB which completes its circuit for both the BAKE and BROIL relay's.

Here's the relay board for your model:
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Your welcome!

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