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LG Refrigerator LBC22520SW Freezer door sagging


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Apr 21, 2022
Frankfort, IL 60423, USA
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More than 10 years
We have a 11 yr old LG LBC22520SW, with the freezer door on the bottom. The freezer door is not sealing all the way, and while I have ordered a replacement gasket I did notice that the door does appear to sag slightly.
If I lift the door slightly when closing it does seem to make a better seal (though not perfect).

I have looked at a number of videos theoretically on this topic, but most involve fixing the fridge door.

Is there somewhere I can info on fixing the sag on the lower freezer door? Not sure if it's an "easy" fix or beyond my skill set
No, you could take off the very lowest hinge and drop down the freezer door to remove it.....but it has been my experience that I found it easier to remove everything from both doors, remove power and remove both doors.
When you put things back together you can use gravity to your advantage rather than working against it......JMO!

jeff sr.

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