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LG Refrigerator LFX28968ST Not Cooling (and Ice not dispensing) - Part 2


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Jun 3, 2011
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Hi, my previous thread has been closed so starting a new one, probably best anyway. For history, refer to

I had my compressor and condenser replaced by LG about 2 months ago. The system worked very well for about a month. Now, I have two problems, one is new:

1. The temps in the freezer do not ever get down to my desired setting. It's set to zero degrees and the best I have been able to achieve is around 18 degrees. This has been like that for about a month now. The fridge temps seem to maintain ok (around 34-38 degrees depending on my setting). The compressor never shuts off (always hot enough and humming). The condenser coil fan is always running too.
2. New problem since last week - my ice maker is not working. When I press reset, it does dispense ice, fills it up with water again and ice cubes form but never dispenses it by itself. The top vent which taps into the ice maker does blow cold air if I defeat the door sensor and the tray is making ice.

Appreciate any thoughts you may have as to where to start checking. I do have a house call from a technician this week, hoping I can contribute to the conversation and things to check.

1. I'm sure he will check for leaks, level of freon (this will tell us if it's been leaking since he serviced it)
2. Motherboard issues?
3. I suppose it could be thermal sensors in the refrigerator?
4. One thing I did notice is that there is a motorized door type thing which I suppose is meant to regulate the air into the fridge compartment from the freezer (towards the back center and base of the regrigerator). I have yet to be able to see if it moves at all. It appears to be motor driven but it doesn't do anything.
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Aug 24, 2004
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You will need to contact LG to come back out, the tech. possibly left a tiny pinhole leak in it by accident, thus that's why its not cooling properly now.

Also the ice maker can't make ice if the freezer is not getting under 10 degrees F and staying under 10 degrees F.